Friday, December 27, 2013

New York Comic Con 2013 - Stuff!

New York Comic Con took place October 11 - 13 at the Jacob Javits Center in New York City. Every year it seems a bit bigger and sells out sooner. On Saturday, the 12th, I spend most of the day walking around to look at vendors with my son. I'm certain we walked a few miles. There are many many vendors at NYCC. I'm going to share a few of them that caught my eye as well as photos of the some of cosplayers we saw. (Don't forget to visit this New York Comic Con post to enter to win books, swag and a signed bat.)


STL Ocarina

My son loves to play his Ocarinas that we had purchased online from STL Ocarina. I'd no idea that they were going to be at NYCC. It was a lovely surprise. We picked up a new ocarina for my son -  a 12 Hole "Dwarf" Tenor Ocarina (see at STL Ocarina here.)

It's a magnificent Ocarina with a gorgeous sound:

Argonauts Resins

Argonauts Resins makes designer resin collectibles. These were incredibly beautiful.


Chromonite makes masks that change from the heat of breathing. They are cool and scary. My son has several of these types of masks. They are great for Halloween or just wearing around town. (We live in a small town).

Doctor Who Store

This was probably my favorite shop at NYCC. We loaded up on Doctor Who things - some Daleks, a plush Adipose, a Trans-Temporal Sonic Screwdriver, and more.

They also had a very cool Dalek on display. This is a copy of the ones from Victory of the Daleks, which introduced the new Dalek Paradigm. Also Nicholas Briggs was there. He vioces the Daleks and the Cybermen.  You can see his back in the striped shirt in the photo. I happened to be wearing Dalek socks that day and ended up showing them to him. He asked to see them!

 My son is a huge fan of the Daleks:


What is a New York Comic Con without cosplay? I hope I never find out!

Scarecrow and Watchman

Bioshock - Big Sister and a Little Sister

Game of Thrones - Khal Drago and Daenerys Targaryen

Futurama - Zapp Brannigan and Kif Kroker

Poison Ivy

A Gaggle of Ghostbusters

Vashta Nerada (from Doctor Who)


Xena, Warrior Princess and Autolycus

Xena and Wonder Woman

Star Wars - Queen Amidala and friend

You'll be able to see many more photos in Trinitytwo's upcoming post about her very first New York Comic Con.


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