Friday, April 19, 2013

Cover Revealed: The Awakening: Aidan by Abby Niles and Giveaway - April 19, 2013

As part of Covet's cover launch festivities, you can enter to win a $50 Visa Gift Card from Covet (Entangled Publishing).* The contest runs from April 19th - 30th. Just enter via the Rafflecopter below.

Also... don't forget to stop and admire the cover!  The Awakening: Aidan is slated for publication on April 21, 2013. 

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Is the gift of eternal love a blessing or a curse?

After years of counseling grieving shifters, psychiatrist and half-shifter, Dr. Jaylin Avgar has become jaded on shifter mating. She wants to marry a human and forget about the love for eternity crap. Then she meets Aidan O?Connell, an infuriatingly laid back shifter who represents everything she doesn?t want. Yet, the more he pursues her, the more she craves a future with him. Only one thing stands in her way: death. Can she overcome her fear of losing Aidan to the one guarantee in life?

Millionaire consultant, Aidan O?Connell knows he?ll one day meet a woman who?ll awaken an unrelenting mating instinct. Unfortunately, that woman is Jaylin, who has no qualms about telling him that he and his so-called eternity can shove it. When she pushes him away, he takes a drastic step so she can no longer escape. The close proximity throws the instinct into overdrive. Can he control the need engrained in him until he?s certain she will reciprocate the bond, or will a moment of weakness doom him to hell on earth?

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  1. Sounds like a fantastic read.I cant wait to get my handso n it .Hope you have a wonderful week.