Saturday, July 09, 2011

WINNERS x 8 - July 9, 2011

Winners! Lots and lots of winners. I'm having a bit of a hard time typing these days. I've just picked up a microphone and am going to try telling my computer what to do. If my computer is anything like my small humans, this will not work so well. :)  So this time around, winners will have to contact me with their shipping information.

Send the info to "theqwillery2  aht gmail doht com" *take out the spaces and fix the aht and doht*

Winners have until Saturday, July 16, 2011 at 11:59PM US Eastern Time to send their mailing information or The Qwillery will very randomly choose a new winner or winners.

And without further ado... the winners:

June Book of the Month Giveaway - Hounded (The Iron Druid Chronicles 1) and Hexed (The Iron Druid Chronicles 2) by Kevin Hearne

krysykat who said...

"My favorite book that I just finished reading is "No Place Like Holmes" by Jason Lethcoe."


Married with Zombies (Living with the Dead 1) and Flip This Zombie (Living with the Dead 2) by Jesse Petersen

ReneeRearden who said...


Your books sound fantastic! I LOVED Zombieland. I can't wait to read Married With Zombies and Flip This Zombie!!!

So keeping in mind the proximity to a zombie, their teeth really, I'd have to have a sword. Stabbing through the eye or taking off the head would kill the zombie brain and still keep a little more distance from their bite radius than other weapons. And then there's the whole not running out of bullets issue! =D

Thanks for the AWESOME giveaway!!!"


Blood Law (Alexandra Sabian 1) and Blood Secrets (Alexandra Sabian 2) by Jeannie Holmes

latishajean who said...

"My favorite is twilight and the underworld movies! What a great giveaway thank you so much!"


Kindling the Moon (Arcadia Bell 1) by Jenn Bennett

Melissa (Books and Things) who said...

"Love the interview. I have had this book on my blog's wishlist! I do want to read this one!

However the drink question is quite easy. I'd order a Dr. Pepper from Hell. It's a real drink and good. ;)"


Dead, Undead, or Somewhere in Between (Rhiannon's Law 1) ebook by J.A. Saare

Julie who said...

"I can tell when my kids are lying - does that count?! Well, at least THEY think I have a supernatural talent, and that comes in very handy sometimes!"


Arc of The Whitefire Crossing (The Shattered Sigil 1) by Courtney Schafer

ARC cover may be different

Raychelle who said...

I don't buy a book specifically for it's cover, but it is what draws me to it and I usually buy it. Although, I would have bought Nightshade by Andrea Cremer even if it did not have a good story just because the cover was so stunning.


Dark War (Matt Richter 3) by Tim Waggoner

Irv the Nerve who said...

Sounds fascinating. I'd sure like to read it.


Signed copies of Red Hot Fury (Shades of Fury 1) and Green-Eyed Envy (Shades of Fury 2) by Kasey Mackenzie. North America Only!

Kelly who said...

"okay favorite Mythological Creature... would have to be a Dragon... Any dragon, well unless they are trying to eat me..."

Congratulations to the winners and a huge thank you to everyone who stops by The Qwillery.


  1. Big Conrats to all the winners!!! Happy Reading!!


  2. YaY!

    I sent my info through the contact form.


  3. Thank you, Melissa! Got the info. I'll pass it along to Jenn

  4. OMG!!! That is me.... that is me.... *points to self* I winned..... *doing a little happy dance*

  5. Yay! I'm doing a happy dance, too!! I sent my info through a new email, because I didn't see a contact form, so if you could just give me a heads up and let me know you got it, that would be great!

    jwitt33 at live dot com

  6. Yay! Congratulations to the many winners!!!