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August 2011 Book Releases

Here is my list of books coming out in August 2011. If there is something that I've missed, please leave a comment below. Any genre mistakes are mine. Leave a comment if you feel that the genre is wrong. Also note that this list is always under revision. Please note that publication dates change. I try to keep this as accurate as possible. Anthology covers are below.

Please note that I am no longer including YA books in the release lists. YA is not the main focus of The Qwillery, and I rarely read YA. Having said that I may from time to time include a YA book in the lists. I've also changed the way I mark books as debuts, reissues, trade to mass market, etc. See the new key to the abbreviations below.

August 1, 2011

Catriona (ri)Baker, JeanettePNR
The Vampire Next DoorChase, AshlynPNR - Strange Neighbors 3
And A Child Shall Lead ThemDarrell, Keith B.F - Halos & Horns 2
Cold Magic (tp2mm)Elliott, KateSP/F - Spiritwalker 1
Plain Fear: ForsakenEllis, LeannaH - Plain Fear 1
Blood Maidens (h2tp)Hambly, BarbaraH - James Asher 3
The Lady of the StormKennedy, KathrynePHR -Elven Lords 2
Stormlord's ExileLarke, GlendaEF - Watergivers 3
Germline (d)McCarthy, T.C.SF - Subterrene War 1
The Cry of the MarwingNikakis, K.S.EF - Kira Chronicles 3
Eye of the TempestPeeler, NicoleUF - Jane True 4
Midnight on Julia Street (ri)Ware, CijiFR/TTR

August 2, 2011

Blood Song (t2mm)Adams, CatUF - Blood Song 1
Truth EngineAxler, JamesSF - Outlanders 58
Real Vampires Don't Wear Size 6Bartlett, GerryPNR - Glory St. Clair7
A Pleasure to Burn: Fahrenheit 451 StoriesBradbury, RaySF - Short Stories
Blood HuntButcher, Shannon K.PNR - Sentinel Wars 5
Working StiffCaine, RachelUF - Revivalist 1
Ward Against DeathCard, MelanieF - Chronicles of a Reluctant Necromancer 1
The WatchtowerCarroll, LeeUF - Garet James 2
First Command (ri)Chandler, A. BertramSF - Collection
Flowers for Her GraveClemens, JudyFM - Grim Reaper Mystery3
Introducing Garrett, P.I.Cook, GlenF - Omnibus
Derik's Bane (ri)Davidson, MaryJanicePNR - Wyndham Werewolf 3
A Hole in the SkyDietz, William C.SF - Resistance 2
Paradise 21Dionne, AubrieSFR - New Dawn 1
Omnitopia: East WindDuane, DianeSF - Omnitopia 2
Luck of the Devil (d)Eimer, PatriciaPC - Speak of the Devil 1
The Palace of Impossible Dreams (h2mm)Fallon, JenniferEF - Tide of Lords 3
Agatha H. and the Airship CityFoglio, Phil
Foglio Kaja
Zero History (h2tp)Gibson, WilliamSF
Out in Blue (d)Gilman, SarahPNR - Return to Sanctuary 1
Home Improvement: Undead EditionHarris, Charlaine (ed)
Kelner, Toni L.P. (ed)
UF - Anthology
Storm's HeartHarrison, TheaPNR - Elder Races 2
Blood CursedHayes, EricaUF - Shadowfae Chronicles 4
Secrets of the WolvesHearst, DorothyEF- Wolf Chronicles 2
Battle of the Network Zombies (t2mm)Henry, MarkUF - Amanda Feral 3
The Red GardenHoffman, AliceF
When Darkness Comes (ri)Ivy, AlexandraUF - Guardians of Eternity 1
Southern GodsJacobs, John HornorH
NocturneJames, SyrieHR
SteelhandsJones, Jaida
Bennett, Danielle
FR - Havemercy
RetributionKenyon, SherrilynPNR - Dark-Hunter 20
Water to BurnKerr, KatherineUF - License to Ensorcell 2
Night Walker (d)Kessler, LisaPNR - The Night 1
Master of ShadowsKnight, AngelaPNR - Mageverse 8
Blood of the DemonLario, RosaliePNR -Demons of Infernum 1
Prince of Thorns (d)Lawrence, MarkEF- The Broken Empire 1
Ghost ShipLee, Sharon
Miller, Steve
SF - Liaden Universe 13
Path of the Sun (tp2mm)Malan, VioletteF - Dhulyn and Parno 4
Warriors 3Martin, George RR (ed)
Dozois Gardner (ed)
F/SF - Anthology
Storm Born (ri)Mead, RichelleUF - Dark Swan 1
Another Kind of DeadMeding, KellyUF - Dreg City3
Empress of EternityModesitt, L. E.SF
The Wild Side: Urban Fantasy with an Erotic EdgeName, Mark L. Van (ed)UF - Anthology
Heart SearchOwens, Robin D.PNR - Celta 10
Darkness DescendingQuinn, DevynPNR - Vampire Armageddon 1
The DivinerRawn, MelanieHiF
DownpourRichardson, KatUF - Greywalker 5
Labyrinth (h2mm)Richardson, KatUF - Greywalker 4
The Whitefire Crossing (d)Schafer, CourtneyAF - The Shattered Sigil 1
AntiphonScholes, KenF - Psalms of Isaak 3
ExiledStirling, S.M.
Turtledove, Harry
Ringo, John
Nye, Jody Lynn
SF - Clan of the Claw 1
The Moonlight BrigadeStratford, Sarah JanePNR - Millennial 2
The Waters Rising (h2tp)Tepper, Sheri S.SF - Plague of Angels 2
BasiliskThurman, RobSF - Chimera 2
Tempest in the Tea LeavesTownsend, Kari LeeSM - Fortune Teller Mysteries 1
Primal LawTyler, J.D.PNR - Alpha Pack 1
Delaney's ShadowWeaver, IngridPNR/S
DemonicWhitefeather, SheriPER

August 3, 2011

The Last OracleSimpson, PatriciaPNR - Forbidden Tarot 3

August 4, 2011

The Last Four ThingsHoffman, PaulF - Left Hand of God 2
A Blight of MagesMiller, KarenEF -Kingmaker, Kingbreaker 3

August 6, 2011

Blood & Moonlight (ri)Ashley, Amanda
Cach, Lisa
Monajem, Barbara
PNR - Collection
The Unforgiven (ri)Nash, JoyPNR

August 8, 2011

Shadow Bound (ri)Kellison, ErinPNR - Shadow 1
Gryphon Unleashed (ri)Nance, KathleenPNR - Earth Magic 3

August 9, 2011

The Magician KingGrossman, LevF - Magician 2
The LanternLawrenson, DeborahFR

August 10, 2011

A Vector Alphabet of Interstellar Travel (e)Lee, Yoon HaSF

August 15, 2011

The Urban Fantasy AnthologyBeagle, Peter S.
Lansdale, Joe R.
UF - Anthology
Isles of the ForsakenGilman, Carolyn IvesEF
AccusedKaynak, KateSF/F - Ganzfield 4
Evolve Two: Vampire Stories of the Future UndeadKilpatrick, NancySF/F - Anthology
Henry VIII: WolfmanMoorat, A. E.MU/TH
Dragon Unmasked (ri)Nance, KathleenPNR - Earth Magic 2
Phoenix Unrisen (ri)Nance, KathleenPNR - Earth Magic 1
King's EnvoyPeace, CasEF - Artesans of Albia 1
Circle TideRowe, Rebecca K.SF

August 16, 2011

The Tempering of MenBear, Elizabeth
Monette, Sarah
F - Iskryne World 2
Best of the Tomes of the Dead Volume 2Bestwick, Simon
Bark, Jasper
McMahon, Gary
H - Collection
Stand on Zanzibar (ri)Brunner, JohnSF
Ready Player One (d)Cline, ErnestSF
LegacyGolemon, David L.SF - Event Group 6
Second Grave on the LeftJones, DaryndaPM/PT - Charley Davidson 2
The Unincorporated WomanKollin, Dani
Kollin, Eytan
SF - Unincorporated 3
PurificationMoody, DavidH - Autumn 3
The Moon Maze GameNiven, LarrySF - Dream Park 4
Stars and GodsNiven, LarrySF - Ringworld Collection
Low Town (d)Polansky, DanielF
Kitty's Greatest HitsVaughn, CarrieUF - Kitty Norville Collection
A Fire Upon The Deep (ri)Vinge, VernorSF - Zones of Thought 2

August 17, 2011

The Edinburgh DeadRuckley, BrianHF

August 22, 2011

The Armageddon Chord (d)Wagner, JeremyDF

August 23, 2011

The Measure of MagicBrooks, TerryF - Legends of Shannara 2
Where Demons Fear to Tread (d)Chong, StephaniePNR - Company of Angels 1
Mayan DecemberCooper, BrendaHF
Knight's CurseDuvall, KarenUF - Chalice 1
The Year's Best Dark Fantasy & Horror, 2011 EditionGuran, Paula (ed)DF/H - Anthology
The Mandel FilesHamilton, Peter F.SF - Omnibus, Vol 1
Down to the Bone (h2tp)Robson, JustinaSF/EF - Quantum Gravity 5
Cast in Fury (ri)Sagara, MichelleEF - Chronicles of Elantra 4
Cast in Silence (ri)Sagara, MichelleEF - Chronicles of Elantra 5
Dark Taste of RaptureShowalter, GenaPNR - Alien Huntress 7
Lord of the VampiresShowalter, GenaPNR - Royal House of Shadows 1
Body of SinSilver, EvePNR - Otherkin4
The Shadow WolfVanak, BonniePNR - Khamsin 10
Blood BoundVincent, RachelUF - Unbound 1

August 29, 2011

The Noble Pirates (d)Jean, Rima L.HF - Noble Pirates 1

August 30, 2011

Siren Song (tp2mm)Adams, CatUF - Blood Song 2
AftermathAguirre, AnnSF - Sirantha Jax 5
Grim Reaper: End of Days (h2mm)Alten, SteveSFT
Young Flandry (ri)Anderson, PoulSF - Technic Civilization Omnibus
With Fate ConspireBrennan, MarieF - Onyx Fort 4
Farlander (h2mm)Buchanan, ColEF - Heart of the World 1
Canyons of NightCastle, JaynePNR - Looking Glass Trilogy 3
White TigerChan, KylieF - Dark Heavens 1
Blood RulesCody, ChristineF- Bloodlands 2
Circle of EnemiesConnolly, HarryUF - Twenty Palaces 3
Grave ExpectationsErwin, Sherri Browning
Dickens, Charles
One Grave at a TimeFrost, JeanieneUF - Night Huntress 6
The Hour of Dust and AshesGay, KellyUF - Charlie Madigan 3
Shadow HighlanderGrant, DonnaPNR - Dark Sword 5
Ghost of a SmileGreen, Simon R.UF - Ghost Finders 2
Reality 36Haley, GuySF - Richards & Klein1
Enemy MineHarlow, KarinPNR - L.O.S.T. 2
The Sookie Stackhouse CompanionHarris, CharlaineUF
Will Power (h2mm)Hartley, A.J.EF- Will Hawthorne 2
Truly, Madly Viking (ri)Hill, SandraPNR - Viking II 2
SupernaturalIone, Larissa
Ivy, Alexandra
Frank, Jacquelyn
Aiken, G.A.
PNR - Collection
RoilJamieson, TrentF
Dream Chaser (ri)Kenyon, SherrilynPNR - Dream-Hunter 3 /  Dark-Hunter 14
Dream Warrior (ri)Kenyon, SherrilynPNR - Dream-Hunter 4 /  Dark-Hunter 17
Dream-Hunter (ri)Kenyon, SherrilynPNR - Dream-Hunter 1 / Dark-Hunter 10
Devil's BusinessKittredge, CaitlinUF - Black London 4
Night Falls on the WickedKohler, ShariePNR - Moon Chasers 5
Awakenings (d)Lazellari, EdwardF - Warriors of Aandor 1
Blood SacrificeLima, MariaUF - Blood Lines 5
A Taste of Crimson (ri)Liu, Marjorie M.UF - Crimson City 2
Sex, Lies, and Vampires (ri)Macalister, KatiePNR - Dark Ones 3
The Postmorta Magary, DrewSF
Shadowfever (h2mm)Moning, Karen Marie UF- Fever 5
The Dark GlamourPierce, GabriellaF - 666 Park Avenue 2
The RecollectionPowell, Gareth LSF
Wings of FireRoane, CarisPNR - World of Ascension 3
RegicideRoyle, NicholasH
The Terminal Experiment (ri)Sawyer, Robert J.SF
Lord of the VampiresShowalter, GenaPNR - Royal House of Shadows Collection
CrossroadsStein, Jeanne C.UF - Anna Strong 7
The Crown of the ConquerorThorpe, GavEF - Crown of the Blood 2
Ragnarok (tp2mm)Vanner, Patrick A.SF
Out of the Dark (h2mm)Weber, DavidSF

August 31, 2011

The Magic of Recluce (ri)Modesitt Jr., L.E.F - Recluce 1

d - Debut
e - Ebook
h2mm - Hardcover to  Mass Market Paperback
h2tp - Hardcover to Trade Paperback
ri - Reissue
tp2mm - Trade Paperback to Mass Market Paperback

AF - Adventure Fantasy
AH - Alternative History
DF - Dark Fantasy
EF - Epic Fantasy
F - Fantasy
FM - Fantasy Mystery
FR - Fantasy Romance
GF - Gaslight Fantasy
GT - Gothic Thriller
H - Horror
HF - Historical Fantasy
HiF - High Fantasy
HR - Horror Romance
HT - Historical Thriller
MU - Mashup
PC - Parnormal Comedy
PER - Paranormal Erotic Romance
PHR - Paranormal Historical Romance
PM - Paranormal Mystery
PNR - Paranormal Romance
PT - Paranormal Thriller
S - Suspense
SF - Science Fiction
SFT - Science Fiction Thriller
SM - Supernatural Mystery
SN - Supernatural Noir
SP - Steampunk
ST - Supernatural Thriller
TH - Twisted History
TTR - Time Travel Romance
UF - Urban Fantasy



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