Monday, July 18, 2011

The View From Monday - July 18, 2011

This may be a very sad week. As you know, Borders has been in bankruptcy since February trying to reorganize or sell itself to remain a going concern. This week is it. A deadline for bids passed at 5pm yesterday. There were none and a group of liquidation companies is the only bidder. Unless a new bidder for Borders appears miraculously before bidding that starts tomorrow, Borders will be liquidated and close every single remaining store. There had been a bidder other than the liquidators, but the creditors objected, and the bidder withdrew. One of the creditors' concerns was that this bidder would buy Borders and then liquidate the company itself. The bidder was concerned about getting favorable terms for book purchases for the stores. The creditors feel that they will get more if Borders is simply liquidated. I know this is oversimplified, but that's basically what's going on in a nutshell. So I'm crossing my fingers that somehow Borders survives. I have not believed that Borders would survive. I'd really, really like to be wrong.

You can read a news article that sums it up better than I at Bloomberg. If you're inclined you can keep track of what's happening at the Borders Case Administration Website.

Moving on to this week's book.  It's another light week, which is good because there are a lot of books out next week. A book shopping list in PDF format may be found by clicking here. Click "File" on the left and then "Print (PDF)." Remember to set your printer to Landscape mode. Anthology covers and book trailers are below.

There will be interviews & giveaways this week as well. Stay tuned....

July 19, 2011

MayhemArthur, ArtistYA - Mystyx 3
Misguided Angel**Cruz, Melissa De LaYA - Blue Bloods 5
Magical MischiefDale, AnnaYA
Out of the WatersDrake, DavidSF
The Clockwork RocketEgan, GregSF
The Half-Made WorldGilman, FelixSF/F/SP
This Shared DreamGoonan, Kathleen AnnSF
Ashes of AngelsHauf, MichelePNR - Of Angels & Demons 3
Guardian WolfJohnston, Linda O.PNR - Alpha Force1
Code of the WolfKrinard, SusanPNR
RebirthLittlefield, SophieF - Aftertime 2
After the FallSummers, RobinF
The Big SwitchTurtledove, HarryAH - War That Came Early 3

July 20, 2011

The Key to CreationAnderson, Kevin J.EF

July 21, 2011

Vampires: Classic TalesAshley, Mike (ed)H - Anthology
RippleHubbard, MandyYA
Last Men in LondonStapledon, OlafSF
The RobotWatson, PaulYA


Book Trailers

Misguided Angel by Melissa de la Cruz (for the hardcover release)

After the Fall by Robin Summers

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  1. We had several Borders stores in the county where I live and sadly I think most have closed already. I think only one remains.