Sunday, March 13, 2011

The View From Monday... on Sunday - March 13, 2011

Happy Daylight Savings Time in the US! Springing Forward is much less enjoyable for me than Falling Back.

As you've noticed it's not actually Monday. We did not spring forward an entire day. So why is The View From Monday on Sunday? Because I have an interview and giveaway for you tomorrow. Here's the schedule: interview with debut author Tamara Hogan (Taste Me) on Monday, interview with debut author Laurie London (Bonded by Blood) on Wednesday and guest post by Mike Shevdon (Sixty-One Nails, The Road to Bedlam) on Friday. There will be giveaways also.

Here is the release list for this week. Please remember that release dates do change and my list is never a list of every book being published.

March 15, 2011

Vampires: The Recent UndeadPaula Guran (Ed)Anthology
Kraken*China MiévilleF
ShimmerAlyson NoëlYA - Riley Bloom 2
MidnightL.J. SmithYA - Vampire Diaries: The Return 3
WhedonistasLynne M. Thomas (Ed) Deborah Stanish (Ed)Anthology (essay collection)
SteelCarrie VaughnYA
The Sorceror's House*Gene WolfeF

March 17, 2011

ChimeFranny BillingsleyYA
The Screaming SeasonNancy HolderYA - Possessions 3

*Paberback release or reissue
F - Fantasy
YA - Young Adult


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