Saturday, February 26, 2011

Random Things - A Wooden Bat - February 26, 2011

When I was at New York Comic Con in October 2010, I carried around a couple of wooden bats for signatures. Not baseball bats, the mammel kind of bat. I gave one away in last year's Blogversary giveaways. I kept the other one for myself. So here it is. The key to the signatures is below.

A - Richard Kadrey: author of the Sandman Slim novels and more.

B - Tom Sniegoski (also drew the wolfish monster): author of the Remy Chandler novels, The Fallen series (YA), and more.

C - Roger Ma: author of the Zombie Combat Manual.

D - Aaron Rosenberg (also drew self-portrait): author of The Scattered Earth and more. Also a game designer.

E - Jim Butcher (also added eyebrows to bat!): author of the Codex Alera series and the Dresden Files.

F - Seanan McGuire: author of the October Daye series.

G - Joe Abercrombie: author of the First Law series, Best Served Cold, and Heroes.

H - Mira Grant: author of the Newsflesh Trilogy (yes, I know this is Seanan McGuire).

I - Anton Strout (also drew the monster): author of the Simon Canderous series.

The bat is in a safe place and will eventually be archivally framed.


  1. lol I like H. Qwill if you ever get another FEED Swag button save one for me.

  2. Ruth, I promise I will save one for you!