Friday, February 25, 2011

Photo Friday - Borders - February 25, 2011

I stopped my my ex-Borders, or as I've taken to calling it Forders (Formerly Borders), to see the carnage. I hope that the people who are swarming the shop for a mere 20% off realize that had they shopped there regulary and become a BordersPlus member they would have gotten a lot more off most of the time. I'd like to remind them to treat with respect both the former Borders employees who are now working for the liquidators to wind down the store as well as the books. The store is ashambles - CDs left on the book shelves by someone who decides they really don't want them, books placed wherever for the same reason, shelves in disarray, books damaged.

Please people... be respectful, be kind. I am thinking very dark thoughts about some of my fellow human beings these days when I see how they act. Behave yourselves!

From the Horror books section

Around the store

The cafe was closed the day before the liquidation sale started. Now the cafe supplies are on sale. 

I will continue to visit my Forders until the bitter end if only to be supportive of the staff.


  1. It doesnt surprise me that ppl are acting like that. I've worked retail enough years to realize that the general public sucks most of the time.

    Funny though because I traveled an hour to the closest closing Borders and while there were a TON of ppl there, and the store was kinda messy...ppl were being pretty orderly.

  2. Wow. I hope people can get it together and be respectful. :( Luckily, my local store is staying open, sorry you're losing yours.

  3. That's horrible that people would've wrote on the signs. I mean if it was one of the employees I can understand their bitterness, they're upset. But if it was a customer then that it just wrong.

    I had a few Borders stores by me and 3 are closing. 1 that was sort of nearby too. But the store I've shopped at for years is still there and that's where I'll be.

  4. Hi, Jessica. My guess is that the employees wrote those little notes on the signs.

    Today I saw one fellow arguing with the staff because they were not allowed to let him take a display sign. He got very annoyed and said "why not since they are going to throw it out anyway." First off, the staff must do what the liquidator tells them to do, and they are not selling any signage or shelves, etc. He had no right to be so rude to them.

    They are also not allowed to take returns at the closing Borders. People are getting angry with the staff over this when it's not their decision. The staff is doing the best they can under the circumstances. It does not help when folks are nasty to them.

  5. Thanks, Amanda. The 2 closest Borders to me are shutting down. At least I still have a B&N in the next town.

  6. I found it funny how people are flocking there and how much stuff they are buying. Like you said 20% is not that amazing of a deal, the only thing 30% off (well 40% with my membership) is the adult romance books. On everything in the store except those romance books you could get a better deal with coupons or online shopping. I have bought some of the romance books because it's the same price if I used a coupon but for the other stuff I'm waiting for a bigger sale. My store has still remained pretty clean and organized even though they are closing. I agree that people should still treat the store and the staff with respect.

  7. Tragic. I hope all those people find jobs soon. It seems there are more and more people and less and less jobs. We have a Borders here too. So far they aren't closing.
    N. R. Williams, The Treasures of Carmelidrium

  8. This makes me so angry about how people treat one another and things that do not belong them in the ever quest to get something for nothing.
    I am right along with you Qwilla, it is very hard to be nice when you are witness to others disrepect. I wish there were a Border's up here in FAirbanks, for I would have shopped there as I won't shop B & N, or the WM. And that is only because of the over pricing of everything in Alaska. But I know that many here would have supported Borders rather than see them go out...this is so sad. Thank you for sharing this...

  9. wow that post made me tear up.. Having been a bookseller for the past 10 years, it is a constant shock to me to see how disrespectful people are to product on a daily basis. Not to being rude to the booksellers as well. My heart goes out to Borders employees everywhere..