Sunday, June 14, 2015

Melanie's Week in Review - June 14, 2015

Well this really wasn't a week for me getting much accomplished on the reading front. I wished it had been otherwise. I was on a course which involved an exam on Friday. It meant that rather than reading all the books I have on my TBR I had to read a really boring text book.  DULLSVILLE! Keep your fingers crossed for me that I passed and I can hide the text away for another 5 years. I did get two books read. So what did I read?

Lucky me. I managed to get my request for The Blood Curse by Emily Gee approved on NetGalley. This is the final book of The Cursed Kingdoms series which finishes off the epic journey of Harkeld and Innis which started back in 2011 with book 1 - The Sentinel Mage. I loved book 1 but was really disappointed with book 2 The Fire Prince as I thought that Harkeld had turned into a bit of a whiny jerk. Gee however, brings the story and the characters back to the gripping fantasy tale. Harkeld has one final stone to reach in order to stop the curse that is ravaging the kingdom. Now that Harkeld knows what Innis and the other mages are really capable of he is just a bit more than angry. He almost allows his anger to come between him and his mission to stop the curse. Close on his trail are a group of assassins who have captured Harkeld's step-sister Princess Brigitta. While they want to kill Harkeld and stop his mission Brigitta is determined to do anything possible to escape and save her brother. And finally there is the young Jaume who escaped his cursed family and then ends up in the care of the very assassins who want to stop Harkeld. Gee has captured the traditional good versus evil and wraps it up in a bloodshed and magic.

Gee restored my faith in this series with this final book. Instead of Harkeld wallowing in self pity he realises he holds the fate of the entire Kingdom in his hands. He also realises that his relationship with Innis is very important to him, despite the fact that she is a shapeshifting mage. While Harkeld 'gets his act together' Brigitta has to endure the torment of knowing she is being used as bait to capture Harkeld. I feel that Gee almost re-booted this series just through these two characters. The spoiled and pampered Harkeld and Brigitta grow up during the course of this final book despite the events of the previous two books. This is an action packed and gripping finale the series.

The other book I finished was The Shadow Revolution by Susan and Clay Griffith. This is the first novel in the Crown and Key series by the writing duo. I loved their Vampire Empire series and when I heard they had a steampunk/Victoriana series full of magic and mayhem I could hardly wait. However, I can't tell you what I thought as I am writing a full review. Sorry! You will just have to keep your eyes peeled for it.

That is all for me this week. I hope you have been more productive than I have been...or have a better excuse if not.  Until next week Happy Reading!


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