Sunday, September 28, 2014

Melanie's Week in Review - September 28, 2014

The time has come again where my book reading high has crash landed. I am very sad to say I only read 1 book this week *sob*. I tried to squeeze another book in but it just wasn't meant to be. Sorry folks. So what did I read?

The hubinator was asking me about Hugh Howey's new book Sand and it got me thinking that I hadn't yet finished the Wool trilogy. I have been trying over the last few months to clear out some books from my TBR that I have had for a while. I kind of felt bad that I had left this final book sit there for soo long as I really enjoyed the first two. In this instalment we learn the fate of silos 1, 17 and 18 after Jules' return from the outside. She is struggling with her new role as the mayor and trying to live up to the promises she made to Solo and the children of silo 17. Having found a digger they tunnel their way through to rescue her new friends but the reunion did not lead to the outcome she was expecting. Back over in silo 1 Donny and his sister learn more about what has been happening to the other silos and Thurman's nefarious plans. There are more twists and turns to this story than most roller coasters.

I thought Dust was a fitting and well planned ending to the Silo series. It also felt a lot shorter and didn't take me as long to read as the other two in the series. I did think the reason for humanity being almost wiped out a tiny bit hard to follow. I interpreted it that Thurman and his cronies just decided to kill everyone and let a computer decide the fate of anyone who remained in the silos on a whim.....or because the middle East would have gotten there first. Did I miss something?  That seemed like a lot of effort in order to only have so few survive. I also enjoyed how Jules was written. She was flawed and she knew it but was trying to do the right thing even when it lead to some disastrous results.  Overall, this is a great series and I urge you to read it. I would suggest that you leave a gap in between books as I do believe you need some time to digest in between books.

I also re-started Mirror Empire by Kameron Hurley. I got the e-ARC from NetGalley some time ago and tried to read it but couldn't engage with it. I really enjoyed her Bel Dame Apocrypha series which drew me in from the first few pages but I haven't found this series as accessible. I decided to give it another chance and while I have started to gather pace I am finding it isn't a quick read. Hopefully by next week I will be able to say that I finished it and let you know what I think.

That it is for me this week. Wish me luck that next week is more fruitful in the book completion department but until then Happy Reading.


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