Wednesday, February 15, 2012

2012 Debut Author Challenge Cover Wars - February

As part of this year's Debut Author Challenge I thought it would be fun to choose a favorite cover from each month's debut novels. At the end of the year the 12 monthly winners will be pitted against each other to choose the 2012 Debut Novel Cover of the Year. Please note that a debut novel cover is eligible in the month that the novel is released in the US.

January's winner is Control Point (Shadow Ops 1) by Myke Cole. The cover artist is Michael Komarck.

For February 2012 you have 14 covers to choose from:


  1. Nice to see Stone Cold Steve Austin is posing for urban fantasy covers now... :P

    1. I had to look up who that is. I don't see the resemblance though. :)

    2. Face is too long to be old Stone Cold Steve Austin. I'm with Qwill, don't see it...

      Mm, still like the point of V in Fever is pointing too but then I have to be pervy.