Monday, August 30, 2010

The View From Monday - August 30, 2010 - Attack of the TBR

My small humans started school today. I have visions of getting much done this week! Over the weekend I started rearranging the TBR bookcase. I'd like to finish that today though I most likely will not. Lots of books that I'd like are coming out tomorrow so I may wait one more day to finish. Look for a New Release Tuesday Vlog tomorrow. Not sure what's on tap yet for Wednesday or for Thursday Flicks yet. Photos are already taken for Friday unless I change my mind about that.

Some Twitter friends (I am looking at you mark_henry and johnnie_cakes and psynde) suggested that I show you some of the TBR process. There were also suggestions of rolling around in books, but I would never ever do that. Book covers and pages could get damaged! Not going to happen. 

I did make a little video though (excuse the sniffles, please):

I picked out some series to read next: Jes Battis' OSI series and Marc Del Franco's Connor Gray series and Laura Blackstone series.

I did a little Halloween shopping this morning. I found an awesome little skull:

I also picked up these adorable window gels. Love window gels!


  1. I love the video! I've only read the first of the OSI series, but I really enjoyed it. I have books 2 and 3 in my own TBR pile.

  2. Hey Q, you have made me feel better about my own TBR Pile! Yikes that is a lot of books. humph I think I need to organize.. *looks at the big scary pile* gulp!
    Thanks for sharing..
    awesome holloween decorations

  3. @John (johnnie_cakes) Thank you! Still have not finished with the TBR. May wait until after the ginormous purchase tomorrow. :) Oy!

  4. @~The Optimistic Pessimist~ Glad I could make you feel better about your TBR! I use Readerware to catalog the books. I still can't find a book that I'm sure that I have. Will search again later...

    I love the skull. He's right next to me on a stack of books while I work. He needs a name.

  5. And I thought my TBR pile was bad. I'm close, but I think you won by about 100 books. It's one of the reasons why I've added e-books, otherwise I'd eventually be walking through hallways lined with books (between TBR and already read).