Friday, August 20, 2010

Photo Friday - August 20, 2010 - For My Daughter

I had to get up a bit early this morning to drop off my eldest for high school orientation. I am excited and nervous for her. I still can't believe that she is starting high school.  What does this have to do with photos? I started thinking about her when she was little. That in turn reminded me of a favorite song of hers and some photos of mine.

So to my sweet daughter: I hope that high school is full of good things (and good grades, please). You're a lovely young woman. The next four years should be exciting and interesting (and stressful at times). I'm always here for you.




  1. School is starting already?! Oh, I don't miss those days. You made me smile with the Raffi song -- my wife, who is a nanny, sings 'Baby Beluga' pretty often...

  2. @Audra Classes don't start until the 30th, but there are a lot of pre-start events - orientation, parties, sports try-outs, etc. Keeps me busy.

    I love the Baby Beluga song! :)

  3. Wonderful post. It made me wish I had my grandchildren here so they could sit on my lap and sing along.
    N. R. Williams, fantasy author

  4. Good luck to your daughter on her 1st day of highschool!!! Hope she loves it :)
    Love the pics

  5. Beautiful pics. I hope your daughter has a great first day!

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