Tuesday, July 06, 2010

New Release Tuesday Vlog - July 6, 2010

It's really hot out. My town has opened a cooling station at the firehouse for today and tomorrow. I don't recall that happening before. The predicted heat index for tomorrow is 104F. Crazy. I have a convertible. When I went out book shopping this morning, I kept the top up and put on the airconditioning. That's how hot it is!


  1. Great Bunch of Books! I enjoy these posts.

  2. It's a 103 here in reading Ca but it even will get hotter as the summer goes along there has been summers where it has gotten to 117 or more for a few day.The only good thing about living here is there is lots of lakes and rivers to cool of in around here.and lots of places have pools.


  3. Thank you, Elie.

    Stacey - that is too hot for me even with all the lakes and rivers. I'm hiding in air conditioning tomorrow!

  4. Wow, another great week for releases. I will definitely be picking up Unholy Magic. And I have thought about getting Unchained, as I have read the first two. And Ashes sister needs someone with her. :) Thanks!

  5. You got my list there and some extras that had not heard of so thanks for the heads up! It has been Uber-Hot here in Central Texas too, today though cloudy and pouring down rain right now so not bad yet.