Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Giveaways and Entries

I love to read (obviously) and I also really love to share books by giving them away. I've been wondering about giveaways though. Not the actual giveaways but the way entries are acquired. Presently commenters can get extra entries for Tweeting, posting on Facebook, being a follower, etc.

So I have some questions:

Do you like being able to get extra entries?

Would you prefer entries only be given for comments?

Should followers only be given an extra entry?

It seems like an ok thing to let people get extra entries by promoting the giveaway. But it is just promotion on behalf of The Qwillery, which bothers me a bit. All this FBing, tweeting, etc. seems like a lot of work for commenters. One entry per comment seems easier.

Tell me what you think.


  1. I don't think the promoting is too much extra work. Isn't the point of the giveaways at least partly to promote your blog? But I think getting maybe an extra entry (I've seen it be required) for being a follower is good too. After all, shouldn't you be rewarded with a little promotion/bigger follower numbers for hosting a chance to get something for free?

  2. I like the idea on giving followers a step ahead of those just looking for something free. But I think one place entries should be well enough since not everyone who may use Facebook will use Twitter. I have a lot of fans who see no use for Twitter but love Facebook.
    MJ Grothoff

  3. Extra entries are a lot of work, but I guess it's nice to have the option. I've decided that when an author is sponsoring the giveaway on my blog, then I will not offer extra entries (unless they want me to). If I'm paying for the prize, then I'll probably offer extra entires for a follow and/or a tweet, but nothing too involved.

    Diana ♥ Book of Secrets

  4. I hate the extra entry stuff, on a blogger standpoint..it just makes it harder on you to go through all the entries.

  5. Extra entry is OK but only if limited. It is then justified cos as Bethany said,the motive of giveaways is to promote the blog. I hate the blogs who make us work too much!

  6. I don't like extra entries as a blogger or as a reader. It has nothing to do with not wanting to promote a blog I like but because I use facebook as a personal method to communicate with family and I pretend twitter isn't there. So I'm stuck with just promoting on my blog. I may stick buttons up for contests on my side bars but I won't devote a post to it in two parts because I don't like doing multiple posts in a day and my site is about books reviews not so much where to find contests to find books.

  7. Personally, I'd rather just see everyone interested get one entry and that be that. It makes for a nice, level playing field.

  8. I have mixed thoughts on extra entries. But in the end I like them. I wouldn't have found many great blogs and amazing books if it wasn't for the extra entries. And in doing this we are spreading the word for wonderful authors that some may never have heard of. We are helping them in the end and ourselves. I like finding some great blogs this way. :)

  9. Since I don't blog, fb, or tweet! the extra entries don't help me any. I think you should be a follower, tho and get points.

  10. I don't particularly like extra entries for the reasons mentioned by other commenters.

    Generally people will only see a giveaway if they are followers of your blog or if they have seen a giveaway link somewhere else.

    I think that offering Followers an extra entry is OK but when you get to having to do all kinds of things to get up to 20 extra entries, I makes a lot of work for both the person entering and the person offering the giveaway.

    I must say I like the way one can use Google forms to draw up a giveaway entry.

    Carol T

    buddytho {at} gmail DOT com

  11. I think any entries should have to be a follower and that should be the only requirement. 1 entry per follower. I've gotten where I'll only enter those contests that are one entry. I often promote the contest but I think that should be an individual choice.

    I love the way one can use Google forms to draw up a giveaway entry.

  12. I like the just one comment entry. I'm sure it makes things easier for you, as well.
    Thanks for asking.

    dorcontest at gmail dot com

  13. I don't mind the promoting the contest via twitter and I do think people should be followers...this way they keep coming back to the site.

    Honestly, whatever works out the easiest for you is ok with me. You have to do all the work. :)

  14. i agree if a follower will get an extra entries on a giveaway. I don't mind to tweet, as i opened my twitter only to tweet/promoting giveaways *grins*

    as for posting on my fb, it only for certain sites, coz Fb is kindda private for me.

  15. Since I don't do FB or twitter I don't think it's fair that others get those, especially if they get one for every time they post there and not just one entry for doing it.
    Getting one extra entry for being a follower of your blog(especially if it's not a requirement for entering)is a good thing, but a lot of us just don't have the means of the time to earn all those other kinds of extra entries.

  16. Just to clarify, presently there is a maximum of 5 entries any one person can get. Tweeting about a giveaway only gives you one entry, even if you tweet about it 90 times. Same with Facebook. You can mention it a zillion times on Facebook, but you only earn 1 entry. You do not get multiple entries for Facebook or Twitter mentions. The other 3 ways to get an entry are comment, be a Follower, and posting about the giveaway on your own blog.