Monday, November 17, 2008

Channeling Martha Stewart...

For the last several years I have made my holiday cards. For the first three years I used a painting done my DH, but for the last few years I have used one of my photos on the card. I usually use a photo of something from one of my gardens. The spring and summer photos are a bit incongruous for winter holidays, but I like flowers, especially the ones that I grow. This year I was going to buy cards because I am just too busy. However, I started to think that it won’t take that long to make a couple of hundred cards. I am clearly delusional, but I feel that I should not break my self-imposed tradition. It’s not really THAT difficult.

First I have to pick a photo, which may be the hardest part of the entire procedure. Next I print and trim the photos and usually round the corners. I have a gizmo that I use to do that but it’s still a bit time consuming. 4 corners x 200 photos = 800 rounder snips. After that, the cards are printed. I print some in French and some in English. I use a generic Happy Holidays type greeting because I do not want to take the time to print different greetings for each holiday. It’s a time saver for me. After the cards are printed, I round their corners. Another 4 corners x 200 cards = 800 rounder snips for a whopping 1,600 snips. Well, that explains why my hand hurts after all of that! Now comes the assembly. Archival double-sided tape is used to secure the photo to the card stock. But it’s just a postcard type card that would simply fall over if I don’t do a bit more. The final step is to hot glue a little ribbon to the back of the card so that it can be hung. I pick out the ribbon after I pick the photo because I like the ribbon color to pick up one of the colors of the photo. When I can’t find the right color I simply use a white ribbon. The last step is to put the cards in the envelopes and head off to the post office. Sounds simple, no?

I am just beginning to sort through my photos. All of the photos are taken in the year that the card is sent. Here are the 2008 candidates… so far…

Qwill’s Qwestion: Do you have a holiday tradition that you just have to keep each year and/or which photo should I use for this year’s card?

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  1. I like the first pic.

    I have a compulsive need to bake. Last year, my oven didn't work, so I ended up making all kinds of candies instead of cookies. This year, it will probably be a combination of the two. I'm planning on getting started soon. I make baskets for some of Hubby's coworkers and then for some family members that I just don't think need anything else (like Hubby's grandfather).

    Have fun making your cards.

  2. Thanks. I'm partial to that picture as well though I haven't decided yet. We make holiday cookies, but we never make enough to share. We eat them all! :) I need to start the cards... last week. LOL. I usually have them ready in October!!

  3. Those photos are stunning. I love the idea of using them for a holiday card, especially since it's such a special hobby for you, personally.
    I'm a big baker, as well at Christmas. Plus, I always have to go ice skating once during the Holiday season. Since that's all I ever ice skate, I'm always sore the next day from getting a little to intimate with the ice. lol.

  4. Thank you, Beth. You are much braver than I. I don't ice skate anymore. I wonder if I could even stay upright if I tired again. I was always jealous that my big sister could skate backwards!

  5. Love the pics. Im hoping to get a pic of my 3 dogs with Santa for my christmas cards. This is the first time in several years that Im actually going to send cards and am excited about it.

    Don't really have any christmas traditions, other than my family celebrating it on Dec 24th.

  6. Hi, Rottie_Mom! Will the dogs cooperate?? Glad that you will be sending cards this year!

  7. I like the first picture. It reminds me of winter and the snow that's blowing around today (while I listen to Christmas music).

  8. Thanks, Andi. We may get some flurries on Thursday. And I might just take a new picture...

  9. I really like the picture with the bee. I've still got the card from last year up on my fridge :) Holiday tradition in this household is a bit different, I guess. I hate buying Christmas presents; I hate the crowds, the shops, etc. So I hit my local dollar store, buy containers and have my 'annual I hate Christmas Shopping' cook-a-thon and make everybody chocolate chip cookies and tea cakes :)

  10. Hi, Krishna. I like the bee a lot. I always wonder what happens to the cards! Thanks!! Cookies and tea cakes sound great to me!! I'm not a fan of the holiday shopping mania either.

  11. Althought I think all the photos are lovely, I like the second picture and the last one best (both for different reasons). I no longer send cards because my list became too large.

    When we put up the tree, we always watch White Christmas and then make gingerbread cookies to decorate. If it is cool, that night we sip hot chocolate while we "watch" the tree.

  12. Thank you, Bonita. The second picture is a Sedum. The last picture is a Flowering Plum. What a lovely holiday tradition you have!!

  13. Qwill,
    I first want to say all the pictures are great! But if I had to pick one it would be the last one, it's beautiful.

    Well, we started a tradition 5 years ago when I met my now husband, my hubby, daughter and I go out to pick out our Christmas tree and then cut it down ourselves. I have never done that before, I always had a fake tree so this is so special for us and sometimes my son is with us which makes it even better, last year a couple of my Daughters friends wanted to come with us because they never do that and wanted to share it with us, it was really a blast running around through the trees.


  14. Wow Quill, I love your pics.
    I am partial to the first one. Since it will be a Holiday Card. With the Frost it looks very winter like.
    The one of the bee and ?hollyhock?
    is beautiful.

    Every Year I make candy Trains. the really are just too cute and very fun to make.
    I add a ribbon to them when I am done. So they can be hung. Then after the holiday they can be eaten!