Monday, November 03, 2008

Vote and get a free cup of coffee from Starbucks

THIS IS A NON-PARTISAN MESSAGE! So please, no partisan comments!

After you vote on November 4th, you can get a free coffee from Starbucks. As if any of us need an incentive to vote! So go exercise your franchise tomorrow!



A privilege or right officially granted a person or a group by a government, especially:
a. The constitutional or statutory right to vote.

(American Heritage Dictionary online)


  1. Alas, I'd have to find my "I voted" sticker. And I don't drink coffee. *pout*

  2. I think that you can just tell them that you voted. Perhaps they'd even give you a different beverage?????

  3. Hey! Apparently it is illegal to offer goods or services in exchange for a vote, so Starbucks is offering a free drink to anyone who asks. Nice, eh?

    Too bad I hate coffee. Perhaps I will ask for a different beverage...

  4. Technically they could probably get around it, but it's more than likely not worth the hassle for them! And they really do not require proof that you voted. Nonetheless, I like the sentiment of their advertisement a lot. And I hope that they give you a different beverage!