Monday, November 10, 2008


My friend Ter posted a link to an apartment that defies description. Let’s just say it’s a disaster area of epic proportions. But it got me thinking about hoarding and pack-rattiness. And that got me thinking about collecting. Collect: To accumulate as a hobby or for study.

I buy a lot of books, but don’t care about hardcovers, or first editions, etc. so I don’t consider that a collection. I do consider my TBR as making up for a 10-year period where I had no time to read fiction.

I only have one collection. I collect mugs made by
Emma Bridgwater in the United Kingdom. I also have a few mugs from Nicholas Mosse. Those are made in Ireland. The bulk of my collection is from Emma Bridgewater since I only have 8 Nicholas Mosse mugs. Fortunately it's easy to buy Emma Bridgewater mugs in the U.S. now. Several sites have them, and I've even seen them in some museum stores. It’s probably a good thing that I collect mugs because I drink a lot of Stash Green Chai Tea everyday usually with foamed skim milk.

I tend to have very busy days and have a habit of setting my mug down and then completely forget where I put it! My kids find this amusing. Just this morning I rounded up 5 mugs from various places around the house. I know that there are more lurking, but I've yet to find them.

My favorite Bridgewater mug at the moment says "Happiness Is A Cup Of Coffee & A Really Good Book." The reverse side adds "And A Piece of Cake." It makes me laugh, which is a good way to start the day!

I have over 100 Bridgewater mugs so I’m good if you all want to come over for tea or coffee! But you'll have to bring your own cake.

So here’s Qwill’s Qwestion: What do you collect?


  1. I collect collections. LOL People latch on to the idea that I like vampires or bunnies and viola! I start getting bits and pieces here and there. I have about 15 small collections of things not big enough to consider a collection.

  2. I have numerous small collections, but my 2 largest are my Barbie collection (I have over 250 dolls diplayed) and my Lily of the Valley collection (anything LOV, plates, cups and saucers, small tcotchkees, ect). My prblem is that I am married to a collecter, which means wea are both packrats!


  3. I collect Cows, I know your thinking they are pretty big, where does she keep them, but it's not the real thing, I collect Cow knick-knacks. I can't even tell you how many I have and there is a holiday that goes by that someone doesn't give me another one.


  4. Crazy Lady - A collection of collections. That's really neat!! It's sort of like being a museum. Wonder what you're going to be 'collecting' next?

    That's a lot of Barbies, Bridget. I still have a Madge, but no Barbies. Lilies of the Valley are beautiful and one of my favorite flowers. Being married to a collecter must make it easier to collect since no one is saying "What, another plate?!"

    LOL, Lynda. I didn't think that you collected real cows!! There is a diner not far from me that displays a lot of cows. I like pigs and have a few pig things but not so many as to have a collection. But I do have a couple of mugs with pigs on them!

  5. Hubby and I both collect various frogs. I also collect dragonflies.

    I happily feed Hubby's addictions to cuff links and pocket watches.

    Oh and my gingerbread collection, but it only comes out at Christmas.

  6. Redheaded Mama - We love frogs and dragonflies. It's great that both you and your husband collect! How do you collect gingerbread?

  7. Love your mugs! Growing up my dad travelled a lot and would bring back dolls from all over the world for my sis and I. We didnt have the heart to tell him that dolls in general freak us out LOL, So we packed them up lol.

    I've been collecting Rottweiler statues and other rottie stuff for the last 8 yrs or so. Since I love rotties this was an obvious way to be able to spend more $$ LOL.

  8. The gingerbread collection is mostly ceramics. My Christmas tree is completely gingerbread themed. I have stuffed gingerbread people, gingerbread kitchen linens... even some serving dishes and a cute little set of spreaders that have gingerbread people as handles.

  9. I used to collect unicorns, until they were over-marketed. Now, I collect t-shirts of the cons & places that I've been. Other than that...I get a mug at the local Ren Festival every year. I'm almost always up for another tatting book. And I also sometimes get those little pins, the ones with the clutch clasps.

  10. Hi there,

    I came across your Blog whilst searching the Internet for Emma Bridgewater collector sites. Basically, I have just put some of my early Bridgewater items on e-bay and I am trying to tell the world about it. Search for seller ID ama277 on e-bay UK and you might see something of interest!Of course, good opportunity to pass on the info to someone still looking for a present for you ;-) I don't know what postage would be to the States, but I am sure we could work it out.

    As for collecting... well, I have collected everything from stamps to coins and christmas baubles at one time or other. The lasting collection is books though. I am a total reading addict.

    Have a happy christmas season!

  11. Hi, Annette. Thanks for stopping by The Qwillery. I'll be sure to look for your listings at eBay.