Tuesday, October 14, 2008

More Fall in New England

A few more photos of Fall around here. It still amazes me how quickly the leaves change. This is a photo of my favorite tree in town. It was completely green 2 days ago.

Here are some random pictures taken above the big lake in town. I used to sail on the lake when I was a kid.

One of the roads above the lake.

An old wall that is still maintained.

The view towards the lake.


  1. Just beautiful, Qwill! Too bad plam trees don't change colors. LOL

  2. have I said I wanna go home? LOL

    Fab pics, honey :)

    DC :)

  3. LOL Too bad about the palm trees! They are resilient in hurricanes though.

    Thanks, DC. One of these days you'll get back up North to enjoy the Fall.

  4. Damn. I miss fall in New England. We lived in Massachusetts, New Jersey and New York when I was in grade school. Yeah. We moved around quite a bit. But fall was always an anchor.