Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Welcome to The Qwillery

Welcome to The Qwillery, the new cyberhome for Qwill. First, I must thank Rachel for suggesting the name of the blog. Rachel is the founder of Bitten by Books. If you like paranormal fiction, you should check it out - reviews, author interviews, contests, freebies and other good stuff. I even review for Bitten by Books (sporadically).

So what is a Qwillery? Well, I'm not sure yet. The closest analogy I could think of runs something like this... if a bakery is a place where you can get baked goods, a Qwillery is someplace where you can get some of Qwill's thoughts. See, that doesn't even come close to working, but you get the idea. I'll write about some of the things that I really like - photography (you've been warned), books, video games, and more. I also want to ask some questions (Qwill's Qwestions). Which brings me to what I want to talk about today!

Driving. When I learned to drive, drivers were more polite and frankly drove better. Of course, there were not so many cars on the road then and no one seemed to be in the same kind of hurry they are today. This is the 70s I'm speaking of, not right after the Model T hit the roads. I play a driving game with my kids. We watch the car ahead of us. I ask them to point out any bad driving. It's an easy game for them because so many folks drive like they aren't hurtling down the road in a piece of metal and plastic that could kill both them and innocent bystanders if they don't watch what they are doing. Sigh. We can count on seeing drivers go over the line into the other lane, especially on curves. I always thought the lines were there for a reason and were not merely suggestions. And not only do we see flagrant violations of traffic laws on a regular basis, we see a lot of rudeness as well. My biggest pet peeve concerns people pulling out in front of me. This particular driver waits until you are close enough, pulls out quickly in front of you, and then proceeds to drive at least 10 miles under the speed limit. Of course, there is no one behind you for miles. They could have easily waited for you to pass, but no. I find that both rude and dangerous.

Qwill's Qwestion: So what's your driving pet peeve?

Here's a picture (somewhat dabbled with) of my car. It's an '05 PT Cruiser GT convertible.


  1. Slow drivers who refuse to drive in the left lane. C'mon, already!

    CONGRATS on the blog, Qwill!

  2. Er, I meant who DRIVE in the left lane when they should be in the right lane ... the SLOW lane. GET into the SLOW lane.

    Not that I feel strongly about this...

  3. I would have to sat that my top driving pet peeve is the people that speed up to keep you from being able to merge onto the highway and then exit at the next exit. Was it really so important that they couldn't stay at the same freaking speed to let me on?

  4. Thank you, Michele. I can't stand slow drivers in the fast lane either. I have a Turbo! :)

    redheaded mama points out another very rude thing - not letting people onto the highway! It can also be dangerous if you run out of room to merge...

  5. driver who do not pull over for emergency vehicles.

  6. LOL @ Qwill... Love the name and your car!

    My biggest pet peeve has to be the people who don't understand what YIELD means. *I* have the GREEN LIGHT you MUST wait for me to go BEFORE you attempt to cut me off. Irritated me even more that I had a big ol Dodge Ram at the time and HELLO you can't say you didn't see me!


  7. I hate those god damn Connecticut drivers that get in front of you in the left lane and won't move the hell out of my way.

    Sorry I LOVE you but HATE driving in CT.


  8. That's a good one, Michelle! I've almost been hit pulling over and have had people pass me instead of pulling over for emergency vehicles.

    Amy, most people don't understand Yield anymore. It's more like get out my way NOW!

    I know what you mean, Terri! The worst is when 2 trucks decide to go side by side down the two-lane stretch of 84. (And we love you too!)

  9. Dude--I hate people who don't use their freakin' signals! If you don't "show" me where you're going--I can't tel, and thus, I have the right of way FOREVAH. LOL

    Dakota :)

  10. Hey Quill - since I've sideswiped by a 92 year old lady crossing the lane going around a curb, that would be top pet peeve and I also "freak" a bit when I see other people do this. After six years (yes, the old lady is still driving at the age of 98 - WHICH should be illegal), we are finally going to court this month. BTW, anyone who is interested in Illinois law - if you are involved in vehicular litigation and the person you are suing DIES before you go to court then your case is null and void due to a special law here called "The Dead Man's Clause." Isn't that wonderful?

    OHHHH! I hate fuckers who can't fucking read and honk their car horns when I won't turn right on red because the signs posted on all the stop lights read "NO TURNING RIGHT ON FUCKING RED". Whewwww, I'm feeling better - thank you Quill for bringing up this rantability topic. You rule!

  11. Dakota, I agree. It irks me no end when people don't signal!

    Gina, that's awful. Let's hope she survives through the trial! I'm with you on the No Turn on Red issue as well.

  12. One of my pet peeves is the drivers who try to slide across multiple lanes in the midst of a turn. They start in the right lane to make a free right, but really want to end up in the left lane after the turn so they try to just slide over there during the turn - regardless of the oncoming traffic or other turn lanes.

  13. My pet peeve is the person who turns in front of me when I have the right of way and they want to get on my street. Then go super slow!

    I admit I'm a heavy footed driver, but I hate the people who don't think I have a heavy enough foot and have to ride my bumper especially in the HOV lane!

    This is a great topic for getting a lot of road rage off the road!

  14. The Qwillery sounds perfect Qwill. Rachel does seem to have a knack for naming blogs.

    As to the pet peeve. Mine is: cars that won't let you pass them. They're slow in front of you and then they speed up when you try to pass them. The jerks!

  15. People talking on cell phones and not paying attention to their driving.

    People that don't use their turn signal until they're in the middle of turning.

    People that pass you then drive slower than you were.

    I could go on for days.

    Congrats on the new blog Quill!!

  16. Maura - You point out another terrible driving habit! I see this a lot near shopping plazas around here.

    Sandi - Glad you can work off some road rage. :)

    Lyda - What is it with people who won't let you pass? That bothers me as well.

    Jasmine - Thank you. Talking on cell phone while driving is illegal here, but I see people doing it all the time.

  17. Suuweehhhhtttaaaa!

    The Qwillery is live! I love the topic too. ;)

    Now, I have many pet peeves about drivers. My favs are:

    People who drive below the speed limit IN the carpool lane...

    People who have more than 1 person in their car during rush hour who won't drive in the carpool lane. Get the hell over, that is where you need to be to relieve the pressure on those who are single drivers.

    Oh and I really love it when it is bumper to bumper and some a-hole won't let you into the carpool lane who's in the left lane.

    What? Just because they are alone and can't speed, they think we should all suffer. LOL

    Whew, I feel better already!

  18. people who refuse over to the slow lane when you come flying up on them when they are doing the speed limit or less. People that tailgate you even when you're already 15 miles over the speed limit on an interstate, then pass you on the right

  19. Congrats on your new blog!!!

    Let see, def people who dont use their signals, I've come to the conclusions these days signals in cars comes optional LOL.

    Going over the line especially when turning under the freeway.

    And this will sound terrible but old people with hats, just cant drive lol.