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February 2013 Releases

Here is The Qwillery's list of novels, etc. being published in February 2013. If there is something that I've missed, please leave a comment below. Any genre mistakes are mine. Leave a comment below if you feel that the genre is wrong. Also note that this list is always under revision. Publication dates change. I try to keep this as accurate as possible. The most accurate lists can be found for each week in The View From Monday posts. Please note that I use the publisher's publication date.

February 1, 2013
Mandala Road Masako Bando F
Seduced by the Darkling (e) Lauren Hawkeye PNR
Tempting the Jaguar (e) Katie Reus PNR
The Apes of Wrath Rupert Wyatt Anthology

February 4, 2013
Zombies of Byzantium Sean Munger H
Psycho Therapy Alan Spencer H

February 5, 2013
Soulbound Tessa Adams PNR - Lone Star Witch 1
The Departure Neal Asher SF - The Owner 1
Wicked Edge (tp2mm) Nina Bangs PNR - Castle of Dark Dreams 5
The Croning (h2tp) Laird Barron H
Dead Things Stephen Blackmoore UF/N - Necromancer
A Natural History of Dragons: A Memoir by Lady Trent Marie Brennan HistF
Cry Wolf (ri) Patricia Briggs UF - Alpha and Omega 1
Blackveil (tp2mm) Kristen Britain F - Green Rider 4
Wildcat Cheryl Brooks PNR - Cat Star Chronicles 5
Prophet of the Dead Richard Lee Byers F - D&D: Forgotten Realms: Brotherhood of the Griffon 5
The Devil's Looking Glass Mark Chadbourn F - Swords of Albion 3
How Dark the World Becomes (D) Frank Chadwick SF/N
Projecting Tomorrow: Science Fiction and Popular Cinema James Chapman
Chance of a Ghost E.J. Copperman PCM - Haunted Guest House 4
Micro (ri) Michael Crichton SF
Next (ri) Michael Crichton SF
Prey (ri) Michael Crichton SF
State of Fear (ri) Michael Crichton SF/Th
Going Under Lauren Dane PNR - Bound By Magick 3
The Order of the Scales (h2mm) Stephen Deas F - The Memory of Flames 3
The Burn Zone James K. Decker SF
The Fallen Chris DiGiuseppi
Mike Force
SuM - The Light Bringer 2
Exile (D) Betsy Dornbusch F - Seven Eyes 1
American Gods (ri) Neil Gaiman F
This Wicked Magic Michele Hauf PNR
Blood Therapy Lynda Hilburn DF - Kismet Knight, Vampire Psychologist 2
Under the Gun Hannah Jayne UF - Underworld Detection Agency Chronicles 4
Undercover Wolf Linda O. Johnston PNR - Alpha Force
Cat Trick Sofie Kelly PCM - Magical Cats Mystery 4
Gotrek & Felix : The First Omnibus (ri) William King F - Warhammer
Crystal Cove Lisa Kleypas PNR - Friday Harbor 4
Dragon Fate (ri) E.E. Knight F - The Age of Fire 6
Ship Who Searched
(20th Anniverary Edition)
Mercedes Lackey
Anne McCaffrey
Necessity's Child Sharon Lee
Steve Miller
SF - Liaden Universe 16
Lost and Found (e) E. Michael Lewis H
The Queen Is Dead Kate Locke SP/AH - Immortal Empires 2
Hunting Daylight Piper Maitland PNR
House Rules Chloe Neill UF - Chicagoland Vampires 7
The Silent Dragon Irene Radford F - Children of The Dragon Nimbus 1
The Night of the Swarm Robert V. S. Redick F - Chathrand Voyage 4
Enemy Mine (e) Katie Reus PNR
Sword-Bound Jennifer Roberson F - Tiger and Del 7
The Damnation Affair Lilith Saintcrow SP/W - Bannon and Clare Universe
Charon's Claw (h2mm) R. A. Salvatore D&D: Forgotten Realms: Neverwinter Saga 3
Omega Susannah Sandlin PNR - Penton Legacy 3
Magic at Midnight Gena Showalter PNR - Novellas
A Howl for a Highlander Terry Spear PNR - Heart of the Wolf 10
Blood Oranges Kathleen Tierney UF
The Reunited Shiloh Walker PNR - FBI Psychics 3
Lover Awakened
Collector's Edition
J.R. Ward PNR - Black Dagger Brotherhood 3
The Fate of Mercy Alban Wendy Webb H
A Rising Thunder (h2tp) David Weber SF - Honor Harrington 13
When the Night Whispers Savanna Welles Go/Su/Th
Fireblood Jeff Wheeler F - Whispers of Mirrowen Series 1

February 6, 2013
Yamada Monogatari: Demon Hunter Richard Parks F
Last Train to Jubilee Bay (e) Kali Wallace SF

February 8, 2013
This Time Around Justin McLachlan SF - Station One

February 11, 2013
Golden Triangle (e) David Bridger UF - Wild Times 2
How Beauty Saved the Beast (e) Jax Garren PNR - Tales of the Underlight 2
Time Dancer (e) Inez Kelley FR - Eldwyn Chronicles 3
Journey of Awakening (e) Shawna Thomas F - Triune Stones 1

February 12, 2013
American Elsewhere Robert Jackson Bennett F
Homunculus (ri) James P. Blaylock SP - Langdon St. Ives 1
The Daylight War Peter V. Brett F - Demon Cycle 3
Yesterday's Sun (US D) Amanda Brooke F
The Water Witch Juliet Dark Go/P - Fairwick Chronicles 2
Gotrek & Felix : The Second Omnibus (ri) William King F - Warhammer
The Best of All Possible Worlds Karen Lord SF
The Book of Lost Fragrances: A Novel of Suspense (h2tp) M. J. Rose S/Su
The Mirage Matt Ruff AH
The Afrika Reich Guy Saville Th/AH
Vampires Gone Wild (e) Kerrelyn Sparks
Pamela Palmer
Amanda Arista
Kim Falconer
PNR - Short Stories
Paprika Yasutaka Tsutsui F
God of War II Robert E. Vardeman F - God of War
Amped (h2tp) Daniel H. Wilson SF/Th

February 13, 2013
Mrs God (h2tp) Peter Straub H

February 18, 2013
Vacant Graves (e) Christopher Beats SPN - Magnocracy 2
Dark Secrets (e) Shona Husk FR/W
The Magic Mirror and the Seventh Dwarf (e) Tia Nevitt FT/FR - Accidental Enchantments 2
Drynn (e) Steve Vera SF/F/UF- Last of the Shardyn

February 19, 2013
The Mad Scientist's Guide to World Domination: Original Short Fiction for the Modern Evil Genius John Joseph Adams (ed) SF/F - Anthology
Fuse Julianna Baggott SF - Pure Trilogy 2
Trinity Rising Elspeth Cooper F -The Wild Hunt 2
Domino Falls Steven Barnes
Tananarive Due
PA - Devil's Wake 2
The Arena Man Steve Englehart F/Th - Max August Magikal Thrillers
Six Heirs Pierre Grimbert F - The Secret of Ji 1
Fresh Meat Alice Henderson H - Supernatural
The Inner City Karen Hueler H - Stories
Blood's Pride (US D) Evie Manieri F - Shattered Kingdoms
Shards and Ashes Melissa Marr
Kelley Armstrong et al.
PA - Anthology
Emperor Mollusk versus The Sinister Brain (h2tp) A. Lee Martinez SF/Hu
Firebrand (US D) Gillian Philip F - Rebel Angels
The Lost Soul Gabrielle Pierce SuTh - 666 Park Avenue
Declare (ri) Tim Powers Su/Th
Hide Me Among the Graves (h2tp) Tim Powers Su/Th
Last Call (ri) Tim Powers F
Three Days to Never Tim Powers SF/Th
Elsewhens Melanie Rawn F - Glass Thorns 2
The Shadow Wars Rod Rees SF - Demi-Monds 2
Dead Suite (e) Wendy Roberts PCM - Ghost Dusters Mystery 4
The Back Channel (e) John Scalzi SF - The Human Division 6

February 21, 2013
The Office of Mercy (D) Ariel Djanikian PA

February 26, 2013
The Isis Collar (tp2mm) Cat Adams UF - Blood Singer 4
Oz Reimagined: New Tales from the Emerald City and Beyond John Joseph Adams (ed)
Douglas Cohen (ed)
Edge of Dawn Lara Adrian PNR - Midnight Breed 11
The Death of Antagonis David Annandale SF - Warhammer: 40,000: Space Marine Battles
Gideon's Angel (D) Clifford Beal HistF
The Teleportation Accident Ned Beauman Hist/N/SF
The Golden Age of Death Amber Benson UF - Calliope Reaper-Jones 5
Angels of Vengeance (h2mm) John Birmingham AH/PA/Th - Without Warning 3
Existence (h2mm) David Brin SF
Wards of Faerie (h2mm) Terry Brooks F - The Dark Legacy of Shannara 1
The Lord of Castle Black (ri) Steven Brust F - Viscount of Adrilankha 2
Winterblaze Kristen Callihan PNR - Darkest London 3
Dreams and Shadows (Fiction D) C. Robert Cargill F
Path of the Incubus Andy Chambers F - Warhammer: Dark Eldar 2
The Third Gate (h2mm) Lincoln Child H/Th
The Savage Boy (e) Nick Cole SF
Van Horstmann Ben Counter F - Warhammer Heroes
Guardian of Night Tony Daniel MSF
Devil's Bargain Tony Daniel SF - Star Trek: The Original Series
Eve of Chaos (ri) Sylvia Day UF - Marked 3
Mortal (tp2mm) Ted Dekker
Tosca Lee
F - Book of the Mortals 2
How To Seduce an Angel in 10 Days Saranna DeWylde PNR - 10 Days 3
The Road of Danger David Drake SF - Lt. Leary 9
Devil May Care Patricia Eimer PCom - Speak of the Devil 2
A Crown Imperiled (h2mm) Raymond E. Feist F - Chaoswar Saga 2
Immortally Embraced Angie Fox UF - Monster M*A*S*H 2
Heart of the Demon Cynthia Garner PNR - Warriors of the Rift 3
Black City Christina Henry UF - Black Wings 5
Hell to Pay Matthew Hughes UF - Hell and Back 3
Secrets of the Fire Sea (h2mm) Stephen Hunt F/SP - Jackelian 4
Froggy Style J.A. Kazimer F/FT/Hu - F***ed Up Fairy Tale 2
The Order (h2mm) Nate Kenyon F - Diablo III (game tie-in)
The Wind Through the Keyhole (ri) Stephen King F - Dark Tower
Fade to Black (D) Francis Knight UF - Rojan Dizon 1
The Silence of Bonaventure Arrow (D) Rita Leganski F
Age of Voodoo James Lovegrove SF - Age of 5
Warriors (h2tp)
George R.R. Martin (ed)
Gardner Dozois (ed)
F/SF - Anthology
Shadow on the Sun (ri) Richard Matheson H
First Casualty (e) Mike Moscoe SF - Jump Universe 1
Mountain Echoes C.E. Murphy UF - Walker Papers 8
Between Two Thorns Emma Newman UF - Split Worlds 1
Last Days Adam Nevill H
The Forerunner Factor (tp2mm) Andre Norton SF - Forerunner Omnibus
Shadow Blizzard (h2mm) Alexey Pehov F - Chronicles of Siala 3
The Last Jedi Michael Reaves
Maya Kaathryn Bohnhoff
SF - Star Wars
Dead Letter Day Eileen Rendahl UF - Messenger 3
Immortal Ever After Lynsay Sands PNR - Argeneau 18
The Dog King (e) John Scalzi SF - The Human Division 7
Beauty Awakened Gena Showalter PNR - Angels of the Dark  2
Trickster Jeff Somers UF - Ustari Cycle 1
The Mongoliad Neal Stephenson et al. F - Mongoliad 3
Seer: A Prequel to the Mongoliad Mark Teppo F - Mongoliad
Night Resurrected Joss Ware PNR - Envy Chronicles 6

February 27, 2013
Superheroes Rich Horton (ed) SF/F - Anthology

February 28, 2013
The Monkey's Other Paw: Revived Classic Stories of Dread and the Dead Luis Ortiz (ed) H - Anthology
The Willful Princess and the Piebald Prince Robin Hobb F
The Very Best of Barry N. Malzberg Barry N. Malzberg SF/F - Collection

D - Debut
e- eBook
h2mm - Hardcover to Mass Market Paperback
h2tp - Hardcover to Trade Paperback
ri - reissue or reprint
tp2mm - Trade to Mass Market Paperback

AH - Alternate History
DF - Dark Fantasy
F - Fantasy
FR - Fantasy Romance
FT - Fairy Tale
Go - Gothic
H - Horror
HistF - Historical Fantasy
Hu - Humor
N - Noir
P - Paranormal
PA - Post Apocalyptic
PCM - Paranormal Cozy Mystery
PCom - Paranormal Comedy
PNR - Parnormal Romance
SF - Science Fiction
SFR - Science Fiction Romance
SP - Steampunk
Su - Supernatiral
SuM - Supernatural Mystery
Th - Thriller
UF - Urban Fantasy
W - Western


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