Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Review - Dinocalypse Now by Chuck Wendig- 5 Qwills

Dinocalypse Now
AuthorChuck Wendig
PublisherEvil Hat Productions
Format: eBook, 229 pages
Review Copy: eARC provided by Publisher

When the Century Club is called in to prevent the assassination of FDR, it's just another day on the job  but what they discover puts not just the President, but the entire world in jeopardy. With psychic dinosaurs taking over Manhattan and beyond, it's up to Sally Slick, Jet Black, Mack Silver, and the other Centurions to save humanity — from extinction!

Dinocalypse Now is the first in what will hopefully be a trilogy penned by Chuck Wendig as Evil Hat Productions branches out into fiction.  You may get Dinocalypse Now at Kickstarter:
For our starting point, we’re diving into the wild and wooly world of our in-house 1930s-era pulp adventure setting called Spirit of the Century. In that world, you’ll find flying jet-men, talking apes, and ancient Atlantean technology, along with two swinging fists, mad science, and some snappy patter (not to mention Sally Slick, a Rosie the Riveter type gal who’s aces at inventing new gadgetry). We’re excited to begin!

My thoughts:

I am thoroughly enchanted by Christian N. St. Pierre's cover - Pterodactyls! Sally Slick flying with Jet Black! Mack Silver flying above! The Statue of Liberty and Manhattan in the background! Wow!  But what about the story, you ask? Oh, the story is fantastic and lives up to the promise of the cover. Chuck Wendig knows how to wield a pen, much as Sally Slick knows how to wield her wrench. They both do it exceptionally well.

Dinocalypse Now is set in the world of the Spirit of the Century Role Playing Game (RPG). I was unaware of the RPG's world prior to reading Dinocalypse Now and it is certainly not a prerequisite to enjoying the story.

Dinocalypse Now features some of the Centurions who are members of the Century Club. They are heroes who fight the good fight with grit and determination to protect the world from doers of evil. The Centurions fear an attempt on F.D.R.'s life and are protecting him as he gives a speech in New York City, but an evil plan is afoot. Is it FDR or the Centurions themselves who are at risk? Can the Centurions save the world?

In addition to the Centurions, Dinocalypse Now features sentient gorillas, psychic Saurians, Atlantean artifacts, magic, an evil villain, and some amazing technology. Mr. Wendig's writing is exceptional. I could easily envision the scenes unfolding before me. The characters are very well done. I cared about each of the Centurions with their very clearly delineated personalities and skills. I am especially fond of Professor Khan an academic who helps the Centurions and yearns to be truly one of them.

The pacing is extremely fast partially because the chapters are short and the story jumps from place to place as it rushes toward the cliffhanger of an ending. Oh yes, there's a cliffhanger, but don't let this deter you. This is a great read. It's fun, fascinating, and filled with action.

Dinocalypse Now is wildly imaginative and beautifully written adrenalin-fueled pulp. I can not wait for the next book.

I give Dinocalypse Now 5 Qwills.


  1. Thanks a bunch for the review. Glad you liked it so much!

  2. Absolutely -- thanks so much for this. Very cool to see this -- and to see the Kickstarter near its top-shelf goal of a third book.

    -- Chuck

    1. I'm excited about the trilogy so I put my money where my review is and backed the project!