Thursday, December 02, 2010

Wednesday Comics on Thursday - December 2, 2010

Comics were delayed 1 day this week so I just picked them up this afternoon. Techincally this is Thursday Comics on Thursday! My comic shop opens at 2:00 pm on new release day because they don't get their new comics until early on the release day. That will change next year when they start receiving the comics the day before.

This week, there were a lot of comics that I really like!

Avatar Press

George R.R. Martin's Fevre Dream, #9 of 10

The ten-issue vampire epic on the bayou from the writer of the A Song of Ice and Fire novels rushes to its conclusion in this penultimate issue! From the New York Times Best-selling author, George R. R. Martin, comes a tale of vampire clans, death and debauchery, legendary blood masters, and even a few epic steamboat races on the muddy Mississippi. This is Martin's FEVRE DREAM, an antebellum story of power, loss, and the fever of bloodlust. Abner Marsh set out to hunt down the Fevre Dream, but it was Damon Julian who captured Marsh! Now, with his only ally York trapped under the control of the evil blood-master Julian, will Abner be able to escape from Sour Billy before dark? Each issue of this stunning full-color epic is illustrated by Rafa Lopez, an artist whose skilled line captures every moonlit drop of blood in delicious detail. Adapted by the Hugo-nominated author Daniel Abraham, this version of FEVRE DREAM stays faithful to Martin's original dark vision, while bringing the torture and joy of his vampires to almost-human life. This haunting series is available with Regular and Wraparound painted covers by Felipe Massafera and a very limited Nightmare retailer incentive. 

Wraparound Cover

Nightmare Cover

Alan Moore's Neonomicon

I absolutely love the artwork on this cover.

Neonomicon Hornbook Artifact
Ltd to 500

Jacen Burrows unveils a terrifying all-new cover on this uber-rare exclusive edition that is limited to just 500 copies! This special book offers a look inside the making of the new Alan Moore series. Featuring completed pages from #1, a look at some of Moore’s original script, and special art, this is far more than just a preview book. It is a glimpse inside the mouth of madness at the hand of the master.

Dark Horse Comics

Baltimore: The Plague Ships, #5 of 5

The story is by Mike Mignola and Christopher Golden. I'm sad this is the last issue for this comic, but more Baltimore in coming next year.

After a weird array of plague vampires attack them on the island shore, Vanessa suspects that Lord Baltimore may be damned after all.

Moonstone Books

KOLCHAK, The Night Stalker Files, #1

Cover A

Night stalking reporter Carl Kolchak doesn't have time for horror movies. His life is scary enough – and now he's between jobs and desperate for a paycheck. But when a young actress goes missing on the set of a low-budget monster flick, he soon discovers that making it big in Hollywood can be murder!

Cover B

Cover C

Cover D

I've loved Kolchak since watching it on TV a long time ago. I'm so excited about this new comic.


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