Friday, December 03, 2010

Photo Friday - Wooden Warrior - December 3, 2010

Happy Friday! I live in a small town of approximately 7,000 people. It's not really tiny, but it's not big either. We don't have any large stores. There is a grocers and quite a few small businesses. We do have an awesome new Dunkin' Donuts (no drive thru) and a French bakery. We also have 3 gas stations and several restarurants.

My little town has an amusement park. The amusement park is adding a new wooden roller coaster. I stopped by this morning to take a look. I've never seen a wooden roller coaster being built before. I did not get too close because I'm not entirely sure I was supposed to be walking around it. I definitely prefer wooden roller coasters to metal ones. I love the clackity-clack noise they make. I don't know how tall the Wooden Warrior will be. I'll check back as they continute to build.


  1. I looooove wooden roller coasters! My first coaster memory is of riding Colossus at Six Flags' Magic Mountain with my grandfather. I am afraid of heights, so hadn't dared before, but I was with Grandpa and I knew he'd keep me safe. When we got off, he bought me an "I Rode It -- Colossus!" button that I still have, 30 years later. :) That started my love of all coasters, but especially the old wooden ones.

  2. Rissatoo - My first wooden roller coasters were the Thunderbolt and the Cyclone in Coney Island. The Wooden Warrior is not going to be as big as either of those. No room. :(

  3. Ah... Denver had the oldest wooden rollercoaster until they had to tear it down. I was too chicken to ride it. :) I like those pics tho!