Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Technology - What can't you live without?

Earlier this week the computer that I use for working on the website ( had a hard drive failure. Fortunately I am somewhat maniacal about backing up so I won't lose much if anything if the data can not be recovered. I back up to a stand alone hard drive and most if not all of the data is on two other computers in bits and pieces. I'm working from my notebook computer, which now has all the specialized programs that I use to prepare assets (screens and trailers) for upload to the site. So all goes on as usual. But I'm not happy.

As silly as it seems, I miss The Monster. He's a blazing Core 2 Duo machine, with 500GB of internal storage and a big big monitor. When I get him back in a couple of more days, he'll have 570GB of hard drive. I'm also having one of the DVD player/burners replaced with something a bit faster as well. I can't wait to start reloading the software.

This started me thinking about technology in general. When I was a young teen I worked with my first computer. It was an IBM 3 main frame. It took up an entire cooled room. Data was given to the computer via punch cards. My Palm Life Drive has more on board power than that IBM and it fits in my handbag along with its foldout keyboard. I remember my first home computer green screen and all. I also remember DOS and still like to work with it on occasion.

My small humans don't know what a record album is. I showed them an album the other day along with some 78s that belonged to my grandma. They were perplexed. They have iPod Chromatics. They'll never have to worry about records getting scratched or change the needle on their record player.

I still have my first cell phone. It's as big as a brick and weighs just about as much. It's analog. I remember how cool it was to be able to make calls from anywhere (that there was a signal). Now cell phones are ubiquitous and for some even replace the standard landline phone. I need to upgrade to a 3G phone but I'm waiting for something spectacular. For some reason the iPhone just doesn't do it for me. I need a phone that I can use as a modem for other devices. While I've been officially told that you can't do that with the iPhone, it apparently is possible. I need to check into that.

I do wonder though if we've become too reliant on technology. Do all these devices make things easier for us? Is being connected all the time really a good idea? Could I give up my computers and cell phone? NO! If I had to choose though I'd keep the computers and give up the phone.

Qwill's Qwestion: What technological marvel could you not live without?


  1. I'm not sure. I have spent time out at my folk's house where all electricity comes from a generator so in order to have anything electrical it requires extra effort to go turn the machine on. As for the smaller items... well I don't know if I couldn't live without them, but I know it's always nice when we put them down for breaks.

  2. Showers/Potties... the factories that produce soap/cleansers enmasse... TV/DVD player... lights so I can read my books...

    I am a child of the 80's but I could barely backtrack with how simple thigns are... though people still find ways to make them complicated.

  3. I'm with you, hon, if I had to pick between the phone and the computer -- bye bye, phone! It's amazing to think that just twenty-five years ago, there was one corded phone in our entire house, and everyone was fine with that. Now we text each other from rooms in the same house when we don't feel like getting up out of our chairs. Cray-zay. Especially since it's a single story house. But I do love how the internet has made it so easy to connect with loved ones (and new friends!) all over the world. For that I am truly thankful. After all, with a few exceptions, would anybody reading this even be aware of each others' existence without the 'Net? Not likely, 'cause there would be no such thing as blogs! ;-)

  4. Good question. I love technology and being able to connect with others over the internet. I use my computer at work much more than my netbook (which I think I'll sell and actually get a laptop instead). I like my phone mostly so I txt with my sis, we are very close and talk and txt a lot. And love my Kindle, I wasn't sure I would like the transition from paperbacks to it but totally love it and hope to eventually not buy any paperbacks anymore.

  5. LOL on the cell phone, Qwill... I hated paying what I did for mine (it's an AT&T Tilt) but I love it - has Windows Mobile so I have Office on it and can write stories while at the DMV! LOL But honestly, the one thing I don't think I could live without is my iPod. Music is my life and it goes with me everywhere. How nice is it to not have to drag all my CD's around in my car now?