Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Tax Day 2009

Midnight is the deadline for filing taxes. Mine were finished a while ago and filed so I'm not really focused much on them today. But taxes for some reason make me think of the lottery. My state has its own lottery and is part of Powerball as well. Every now and then I indulge myself by thinking about what I would do if I won the lottery. So in no particular order:

1. Set up trust funds for my small humans. But they would not be able to get the money until they were in their late 20s and had finished college and had established some sort of careers.

2. Add a third floor to my house. I need a library room.

3. Hire someone to clean out all the unnecessary junk in the house with my supervision. I would point!

3. Renovate the kitchen in the house. The stove and ovens are original to when we built the house. They are avocado green. Enough said.

4. Take golf lessons from a really good instructor. Also get golf lessons for the small humans.

5. Visit all the places that I've always wanted to see. First up would be Sarawak.

6. Take golf vacations with the small humans.

7. Make donations to organizations that I support. Bigger then usual donations.

Not very interesting stuff. Maybe I just lack imagination or maybe I kind of like things the way the are at least for now. I did win $7.00 from Saturday's lottery. It paid for a new ticket and a cup of iced coffee. Exciting stuff.

Qwill Qwestion: What would you do if you won the lottery?


  1. This is a game we play when we see someone with a really expensive car. I'm too practical to spend the money on something like that.
    I really want about 10 acres, but more would work :D and a really nice house. I also want goats and chickens. We'd like to get an RV and do some traveling to all the really cool educational places in the world. I'd also really like to go to the places you see on Travel Channel with the food factory tours.
    First and foremost would be getting the kids adopted by Hubby.

  2. I would give myself a day off. I do not take time off work unless one of my kids is bleeding out their eyes because I get so much crap about it. So, I work no matter what... even when I was in labor, I came to work because I didn't want to be home alone.

    So, I guess if I ever won MegaBucks (seeing as we have no lottery), I'd give myself a nap.

  3. I would buy property and build a home. I'm so tired of renting...LOL. I would pay all our bills off. Set up trust funds for our 10 grandchildren and finally buy a Class A motor home and travel all over the United States.