Monday, December 01, 2008

Mark Henry, Author - New Website and a Contest!

I was going to blog about contractors today, but something more important came to my attention. Mark Henry's new website has launched. Mark Henry is the author of Happy Hour of the Damned and the upcoming Road Trip of the Living Dead. He writes funny, witty, zombilicious novels.

To celebrate his new and fantastic website (I know because I spent the morning there instead of writing about contractors), he's having a Grand Reopening Contest!

The lovely Amanda has her own section on the website! In addition, Amanda, Wendy & Gil will review movies and have already reviewed that zombie classic - Night of the Living Dead. Do not miss the Goofs section!

And check out Mark's books. You can order Happy Hour of the Damned here. And you can preorder Road Trip of the Living Dead here.

You'll never look at zombies the same again! So, go and enjoy his new website, read the first book, and become a fan. Just like me.

(and Mark says I haven't been fawning enough lately - so take that Mark.)


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