Sunday, October 11, 2009

What should I read next?

Update: I can't possibly give away just the first 2 books in a series. So.... one lucky commenter will receive Books 1 - 4 of Caitlin Kittredge's Nocturne City series AND the first novel in her Black London series. So that's Night Life, Pure Blood, Second Skin, and Witch Craft from the Nocturne City series and Street Magic from the Black London series.

So I've organized my TBR pile into a TBR bookcase. The anthologies are still in a box. The rest of the hardcovers still need to placed on the bottom shelf because that's where they fit and they will anchor the bookcase. The paperbacks are 3 rows deep so quite a few books fit in this bookcase.

Now that everything is organized, I don't know what to read next. Over on the right of the page is a poll where you can vote to help me decide. I'll read the series that gets the most votes.

In the comments tell me why you voted for a particular series. Or just leave a comment about anything book or TBR related.

I also found duplicates of two books. Only 2 books - it's a miracle! So if you comment I'll put your name on a slip of paper and then in a hat or jar or some other receptacle. One of the small humans will reach in and pull out a name and one lucky commenter will receive the first two Nocturne City books by Caitlin Kittredge: Night Life and Pure Blood. I will ship them internationally, but probably by slow boat. The poll is open until next Sunday. The person who gets the books will be announced on Monday, October, 19, 2009. This is not a contest. It's just a way for me to send 2 extra books to a new home.

Thanks for helping me decide!


  1. Q,
    You have to read Madelyn Alt's books, just finish the 4th one myself and loved it. Go for it girl, you will enjoy!


  2. I had taken a few ideas from your TBR pile and added to my own! Happy Reading ;)


  3. I don't want to be entered in the drawing as those aren't books I'll read. Just wanted to say how jealous I am that your pile is neat and organized!

  4. I voted for Nalini Singh, since hers and Dakota's and Michele's are about the only romance-ish books I've read. Quite good too. Don't enter me into the contest though. I'm obsessive about buying everything in the canon. You should see the shelves of books I'll never get to.

  5. I like Alt and Adrian, but I'd start with Singh. All good choices on the list though my dear!
    Happy reading!

  6. Q,

    I love Nalini Singh Psy/Changeling series. I picked the first one up a few months ago and went right back out and bought the rest of them. They are excellent reads!


  7. I voted for Lilith Saintcrow's series simply because those are the only ones I've read. LOL Great too, btw. However, I have heard great things about all the series you have listed so I know that you'll enjoy whatever you decide on.

    And only 2 duplicates? That's really pretty good!

  8. Wow. Thanks for the votes and comments. I see a trend developing in the voting.

    Lynda - I will read Madelyn Alt's books... eventually.:)

    Margie - Thanks! I hope you enjoy whatever you decide to add to your TBR.

    Sandi - it's taken a long time to get organized. I'm really happy that I found a place for that bookcase. I could use another though.

    Mark - I'm the same way. I have to have everything in the series. I have all the Nocturne City books so far!

    Leslie - Thanks. I'll get to them all eventually!

    Gwen - it's looking like a lot of folks like the Psy-Changelings series. Have you read Angel's Blood? It's the start of a new series. I loved it.

    Crazy Lady - I have the Jill Kismet series to read also! Only 2 duplicates as far as I found. If I find more I'll also give them away!

  9. I voted for Madelyn Alt's books also....partly because I like them and partly because I haven't read any of the others. LOL I like the books anyway but for me it's cool because they take place in a fictional town the next county over from me. It's neat to read about real places that I'm familiar with.

    Good luck making up your mind! LOL I need a shelf like yours.....or three.


  10. I voted for Jackie Franks .. I have not read them YET but hear they are GREAT.

    Don't enter me I have that series already and it is AWESOME

  11. They all look good so I closed my eyes and pointed!! I only wish my TBR pile waws so big!! Happy reading!


  12. I voted for Lynn Viehl's series because it rocks the casbah - and because I could only have one vote. LOL There are a few series in the list that I've read and enjoyed.

    Don't put my name in the draw :) I've already read those books.

  13. Q,
    I voted for Jenna's books based on the subject title only. These are all new authors to me. I'm going to have to look a few of them up. Thanks for some new reading material suggestions.

  14. I've read Alts, Bast, Daniels, and started Saintcrows and Blacks. You can't go wrong with any of them. If you want plenty of sex and action, the Anya Bast books are great! Enjoy! Paige

  15. Holy bookshelf, Qwill! And I thought my TBR pile was big. Jenna Black is in my pile as well -- but I see I'm voting with the majority for one of my fave paranormal romance series (Psy-Changeling!).

  16. Becky - That is very cool about the Alt books taking place in a fictional town not far from you! The vote will make up my mind fortunately.

    Ter - Thanks for voting. I'll get to all of these eventually. I've tamed the TBR! Sort of. LOL

    Denise - Thank you. Having such a large TBR is interesting for me. It constantly needs to be fed more books though because the authors keep writing!

    Yadda (whose name I know) - I've heard many good things about Lynn Viehl's series. Thank you for voting.

    Terry - It is a great series title! I hope that you enjoy whichever books you get! I'm happy to recommend more books!

    Paige - Thank you. I will read all of these eventually. The poll lists a small bit of what is in the TBR, but I decided to keep the list short!

    alanajoli - This is but one of my several bookcases. I still need another one or two for books I've read and for some of my 1000+ cookbooks that are not already shelved. Thank you for voting. I've a feeling that Psy-Changelings is the next series that I read! :)

  17. Well i vote for Nalini. She is pretty good. I like the refreshing change of scenery. Like with some paranormal books, they are start to blend in after a while. I like hers because they don'g blend in.

  18. I voted for lara adrians midnight breed series. After the first one I had to get the rest,and now I can't wait for the next. Your list did give me some new reads tho. Since everyone voted for the Singh series I went to amazon and ordered all I could and the last 2 which are on pre-order. She had 2 different series. Thanks but please don't put me in the draw, because I now have a kindle and love reading on it. Its so hard to go back to hardback or paperback although I do from time to time if the kindle release is not soon after the book. An example of this was Shelly Laurenston's Dragon kin book 3. I had to read it so I bought the book. Loved it. I found her by accident too.

  19. Very nice TBR shelving :)

    I voted for Madelyn Alt's bewitching books. I recently read the first one and will read the next few soon and really enjoyed it.

  20. Rayna - Thank you. Lots of folks are voting for the Psy-Changelings Series.

    Anonymous - I'm glad that you liked the Midnight Breeds series. I will read it eventually. I have read Nalini Singh's Angel's Blood which is the first novel in her Guild Hunter series. It was excellent. I'm looking forward to Archangel's Kiss which comes out in Feb. 2010.

    Anne-Katherine - Thank you for voting! The Alt series looks like fun!

  21. So with reviewing, I rarely get a chance to read anything in my TBR pile so I have been forced to stop adding to it. The good thing is that when I have time for pleasure reading again, I will be able to read multiple books in a series without having to wait for the "next one" to come out.......LOL.

  22. I voted a while back but I didn't leave a comment. This was a seriously hard choice but I had to go with Yasmine Galenorn. Love her Sisters of the Moon series. Just about to start the last one actually.

  23. Qwill,

    I know what you mean about multiple bookcases -- I can't possibly compete with you on the cookbooks front (I'd be surprised if we own ten), but we are almost entirely out of wall space in our house, because we have so many bookshelves. In the office I have four, the dining room has two, and the living room has two more, all near-to-bursting. :)

    I also love that you're a completest. Your expansion of the prize is so sweet.

  24. I just had to reply and leave a comment as I want those books SOOOOOOOOO badly! What a neat thing for you to do!

    Did I mention I really really really want to read those books ??

  25. Wow...and I thought my TBR pile big. The more you have the harder it is decide what to read next. I voted for Lara Adrian's Midnight Breed series. I really enjoy its angsty and passionate characters. And the latest installment is coming out at the end of the year. -Lisa

  26. Hey Qwill, lovely pile of coconuts, er,books - mine is quite similar just because I got it organized the beginning of October...the thing is I've got mine arranged by author so I also have the books I've read in their series mixed. It actually works for me so I don't keep buying the same books before reading the original books I bought...confusing? Yeah, so I've also started keeping a loves lists long time!

    So, I voted for Alt figuring you've already read Dakota's, Bardsley's, and Bangs (right?)...are you keeping up with JR Ward and Lynsay Sand? I think Mark better start those fingers moving cause I've started reading other Zombie stuff (just to compare you understand so I know how superior his books are to others...)
    Anywho, I call dibs on the other entries that people are giving up! Yeah - DIBS, DIBS, DIBS!!!!
    Gina G in Springfield, IL where it's getting icy and I'm not looking forward to falling and breaking the other leg!

  27. Dear Qwill - Nalini Singh, although I really shouldn't vote because I've never heard of any of these authors or books! But this must be the genre we discussed months ago, so I'm very happy to have the list. I will print it and tape it to the wall with all of my other TBR lists. What joy, to have too much to read. MCK

  28. Lori - One of the reasons that I stopped reviewing. That and my website. I like being able to read an entire series as well rather than having to wait months between books.

    Jasmine - Thank you for voting and commenting. I have lots of Galenorn books in my TBR but have yet to read a single one! I will eventually.

    alanajoli - I won't admit how many bookcaese that I have. I would have them everywhere if possible! One of these days we should meet for a coffee/tea/beverage.

    karen - Thank you for commenting. LOL - I get the impression that you would like to read these books!

    Lisa - Exactly - the more books the harder to decide! I'll have to look out for the latest book in the Midnight Breeds series.

    Gina - I have the books that I've already read away. I keep a huge database in Readerware so I don't generally buy duplicate books. Yes, I've read all Dakota's, Michele's and Nina's. I am up to date on Sands, but stopped ready Ward at Book 5. I have the others along with Covet and will eventually read them. BE CAREFUL - no more breaking things!

  29. MCK - Thanks for voting!! Lots of fun books in my TBR. Have you read Dracula The Un-Dead by Dacre Stoker and Ian Holt? Dacre is Bram's great grand-nephew. I really liked the book!

  30. Very cool of you to give away books to good homes. I randomly picked one series, as i haven't read any of the series....although i want to read them all.

  31. So many choices... so little time. If it were me, I'd say ALL, but I don't think that's an option. They all looked good, so I just chose one that reached out and tried to strangle me at the time. :D

  32. Ooh, toss my name in, I'd love to read some of Caitlin Kittredge's books. They're on my "to buy/borrow" list

  33. You should read Lara Adrian's Midnight Breed Series. I love her take on the vampire mythos - such a great series. I know what you mean about trying to choose what to read next - I have a pretty large TBR pile and it's so hard to decide what to read next. I'm reading Jeaniene Frost's At Grave's End right now, in anticipation of the arrival from of her newest book Destined For An Early Grave. Great stuff!
    I haven't read any of Caitlin Kittredge's series yet - it would be awesome to get the full series.

  34. voted for Lilith Saintcrow - haven't read that series yet but I liked her other stuff.


  35. So that is a very impressive book collection. As what to read next I am reading right now Nalini Singh's Guild Hunter series and loving it

  36. Any Bast's Elemental Witches series, because the title sounded most intriguing to me - is that a good reason?

  37. Books! I'm jealous. I'm not buying books right now cause I don't have a lot of time to read :( However, if I did win the books, I promise to read them LOL

  38. Scott - Books always need good homes! I want to read all of these also... eventually.

    Diane T - The books in the poll are just a small number of the books in my TBR. Fortunately the books I've read outnumber the TBR by at least 3 to 1. Gosh, I hope that none of them try to strangle me!

    Eve - Consider your name tossed in! I have many, many books on my must buy list.

    Barbara E. - I will read Lara Adrian's Midnight Breed series, but sometime after whichever series wins the poll. I like when an author has an interesting take on the vampire mythos. I really enjoyed Jeaniene Frost's series.

    Breanne - Thank you for voting. I have 2 series by Lilith Saintcrow (Dante Valentine and Jill Kismet) in my TBR plus the first in her YA series (Strange Angels) written as Lili St. Crow.

    cait045 - That's just the TBR! I have many many books over a wide variety of genres. I've read Angel's Blood and really liked it. I'm looking forward to the second in the Guild Hunter series - Archangel's Kiss.

    Layla - Intriguing is a great reason! Thank you for voting. I've picked up a book to read just because I liked the cover art.

    Joann - I actually don't have a lot of time to read either, which is why the TBR has grown so much. I doubt though that I will ever completely be caught up unless I stop buying books.