Monday, September 27, 2010

The View From Monday - September 27, 2010

Happy Monday! Last week was not a very good week for reading. I'm still reading the Connor Grey series by Marc Del Franco. I'm enjoying it and am not thrilled that I've had so little time to read! Tomorrow there absolutely will be a New Release Tuesday Vlog. Below is a list of books that are coming out tomorrow. Not all of these books will be in the vlog, of course. Wednesday there will be a giveaway. Thursday will be either Wednesday Comics on Thursday or Thursday Flicks. On Friday I hope to share some fall foliage photos with you.

Please note that Dorchester Publishing (Love Spell/Leisure) books are no longer on the list due to Dorchester's decision to drop Mass Market Paperbacks starting with the September titles. The Books are supposed to come out as e-books on the correct dates with Trade Paperbacks following later. You can read Dorchester's statement about that here. The Trade Paperbacks will be on the release lists as they come out.

There are quite a few books being reissued tomorrow, some at bargain prices. Take a look at the list at the bottom.

September 28, 2010

Haunted HoneymoonMarta AcostaCasa Dracula 4
Siren SongCat AdamsBlood Singer 2
Blood Lite IIAnthology
Taken By MidnightLara AdrianMidnight Breed 8
Bayou MoonIlona AndrewsEdge 2
Everlasting DesireAmanda Ashleyvampire romance 18
Bespelling Jane AustenAnthology
Left for UndeadL.A. BanksCrimson Moon 6
When Pleasure RulesJ.K. BeckThe Shadow Keepers 2
Masques***Patricia BriggsSianim 1
Double CrossCarolyn CraneJustine Jones 2
Aching for AlwaysGywn Cready
AfterlifeMerrie DestefanoThe Resurrection Chronicles
VenomJennifer EstepEle­men­tal Assas­sin 3
Dark Slayer**Christine FeehanDark 20
Fangs for the MammariesAnthology
Poison KissedErica HayesShadowfae Chronicles 3
The Dark-Hunters. Vol. 3Sherrilyn KenyonDark Hunter Manga 3
ReVamped*J.F. LewisVoid City 2
Twilight Forever RisingLena Meydan
Hungry For Your LoveAnthology
DreadnoughttCherie PriestClockwork Century 2
Eat Prey LoveKerrelyn SparksLove at Stake 9
The Midnight Guardian**Sarah Jane StratfordMillennial 1

*     Previously issued as a Trade Paperback. Now being issued as Mass Market Paperback (MM).

**   Previously released in Hardcover. This is the MM or Trade release.

*** Rewritten

September 28, 2010 MM reissues

Kiss of CrimsonLara AdrianMidnight Breed 2
Midnight AwakeningLara AdrianMidnight Breed 3
Dime Store MagicKelley ArmstrongOtherworld 3
Industrial MagicKelley ArmstrongOtherworld 4
HauntedKelley ArmstrongOtherworld 5
Full Moon RisingKeri ArthurRiley Jensen 1
Kissing SinKeri ArthurRiley Jensen 2
Tempting EvilKeri ArthurRiley Jensen 3
Angel Souls and Devil HeartsChristopher GoldenThe Shadow Saga 2
Dark MoonLori HandelandNightcreature 3
Thunder MoonLori HandelandNightcreature 8
Aphrodites's FlameJulie KennerSuperhero Central 4
Aphrodite's KissJulie KennerSuperhero Central 1
Aphrodite's PassionJulie KennerSuperhero Central 2
Aphrodite's SecretJulie KennerSuperhero Central 3


Blood Lite II: Overbite

Bespelling Jane Austen

Fangs for the Mammaries

Hungry For Your Love

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  1. Oh wow! So hard to choose which books to get. There are so many amazing books coming out at one time anymore. I just can't keep up with them all. Oh, it's so hard to have to choose. :) Thanks for the list! I will be going shopping this week.