Wednesday, September 15, 2010

I Am Legend and More - Giveaway

After going on and on during yesterday's vlog about I Am Legend by Richard Matheson, I've decided to share!

One commenter will win

This collection includes

I Am Legend
Buried Talents
The Near Departed
Witch War
Dance of the Dead
Dress of White Silk
Mad House
The Funeral
From Shadowed Places
Person to Person

Along with Dracula by Bram Stoker, I Am Legend was one of the stories that made an indelible impression on me and has continually affected my reading habits. 

The Giveaway:

What: One copy of I Am Legend by Richard Matheson.

How: Leave a comment telling The Qwillery which books or stories made an impression on you?

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  1. I recently read Lee Thomas' "The Dust of Wonderland", which totally blew my mind. Has become one of my all-time favorite books.

    A short story that left a lasting impression was written by Richard Christian Matheson entitled "Red". I first read "Red" back in 1990, and I remember it as if I had read it this morning. It's only two pages long, but after I finished it, I had to put the book down and walk away. It packs an emotional wallop.

  2. Ooooh i have always wanted to read I Am Legend! Thanks for the giveaway!

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    chidoryx AT hotmail DOT com

  3. Exciting, I'd love to win. I will share on facebook and add a note to tonight's blog. You can check out my facebook page by coming over and clicking the link.
    N. R. Williams, fantasy author

  4. +1 for comment
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    One book that made a deep impression on me and which I still consider a classic is To Kill A Mockingbird.

    Thanks for the giveaway.

    I have not read a collection for quite some time.

    Carol T

    buddytho {at} gmail DOT com

  5. +1 for comment
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    Have this on my Amazon list!! So want to read it!!

    The Long Walk by Stephen King was the first book to really make a lasting impression on me!!

    nedsped at verizon dot net

  6. +1 for comment, +1 for follower :)

    My husband would love to read this and I would love to give it to him!

    thejoyofthejoyofcooking at hotmail dot com

  7. The "Catcher in the Rye" is one of my favorite books and it made an impression on me at an early age because of the perspective it gave me. No matter how badly things may have felt to me as a teenager, Holden Caulfield always had it worse.

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  8. +1 gfc follower

    The Children of the Dust by Louise Lawrence left a lasting impression on me. I liked how it portrayed the after effects of a nuclear disaster.

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  9. I am Legend


  10. Many books make an impression on me. Although I don`t read YA books often, I found The Hunger Games really make an impression on me. It would be a hard life for children and teenagers.
    Hatchet also made a big impression on me when I was reading in Jr.High.

    I follow!


  11. _Soul Music_ by Terry Pratchett made SUCH an impression on me. I hadn't been taken by _The Colour of Magic_, but a friend told me I had simply read the wrong book.

    He was right. _Soul Music_ absolutely hooked me. It made me see for the first time that SF/F could be funny, intelligent, heartbreaking, and uplifting all at once. Before, I'd never really read SF/F - my parents didn't really approve of it, and I'd always read "the classics" and "literary fiction" instead. Getting this book, and getting into this book, as a freshman in college completely changed my outlook on fiction, got me into SF/F in a big way, and in doing so, completely changed the course of my literary life. I mean, I went from turning up my nose at SF/F to being a SF/F publisher. Go figure.

    Plus, it made me a huge Terry Pratchett fan. So hey, win-win.

    (you can reach me at info AT candlemarkandgleam DOT com as needed; MAN, but I love _I Am Legend_, and it boggles my mind that I don't own a copy. Especially considering that I own all three movie adaptations)

  12. I read The Handmaid's Tale by Margaret Atwood this year and I can't stop thinking about it.

    I'm a follower.


  13. I am a follower. The Twilight series made an impression on me. Please enter me in contest.

  14. I would love to read this. I've had it on my amazon wishlist for a while.


    I'm a follower.

    I recently read Dead Witch Walking and it was really neat because of all the different characters and types of paranormal creatures it portrayed.

  15. +1. I am Legend did make an impression on me. I really enjoyed the movie and would love to read the book. It really touched me how he sacrificed his life for a chance for a future for humankind. Awesome.
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  16. There is a story by Arthur Machen called the Horla.
    It really scared the crap out of me, forever cementing my love of horror!

  17. I guess the book that shaped my life was Flowers in the Attic. It was the first time I found a book that would keep me up all night.
    Thanks for the giveaway.

    lizzi0915 at aol dot com

  18. One book that made an impression on me was Stephen King's The Stand. The thing about the book is, it's not so far away from possible.

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  19. Dracula was a book that left the biggest impression on me. I read it as a teen and changed my reading forever. I'd always loved vamps but when I was young it was soap or cola drinking ones I read about. This was my first blood thirsty monster and I loved it.

    Old foller.