Thursday, January 27, 2011

Wednesday Comics on Thursday - A Tale of Collecting True Blood Comics, Part 1 - January 27, 2011

I collect a lot of different comics and usually don't bother collecting all the variant covers. However, every now and then I do decide I want the variants. I decided to collect all the variants of the True Blood, Series 1 comic from IDW Publishing. Little did I know what I was getting myself into.

I picked up some of these comics at my local comic shop, some directly from the shops or companies issuing the exclusives, some from eBay, some from Mile High Comics, and some from Midtown Comics. Some came from overseas, but more on that in Part 2 of this post. Any mistakes in labeling the covers are mine.

After collecting all 20 variants of True Blood, Series 1, Issue 1, I became much better at knowing where to look and when to buy. Did I pay too much for some of these comics? Undoubtedly. On the other hand I purchased others at really good prices so I think it comes out all even in the end. Is it satisfying? Yes, it is. Will I do this for True Blood, Series 2 - True Blood Tainted? Quite possibly.

True Blood, Series 1, Issues 1 - 3

True Blood, Issue 1 has 4 regular covers, 11 variants/exclusives/retailer incentive covers, 2 resissue covers, and a Legacy issue, with photo variant and 1 exclusive for a total of 20 covers. It was quite an experience getting all of them. The last one I purchased was Cover K. I watched for it on eBay for quite some time and was thrilled to finally get it. To the best of my knowledge I now have all covers for True Blood #1.

Covers A

Cover B

Cover C

Cover D

Cover E - Virgin Sketch Cover

Cover F - Cast Photo

Cover G - Hastings Exclusive

Cover H - Jetpack Exclusive

Cover I - Larry's Wonderful World of Comics Exclusive

Cover J - Diamond Comic Con Exclusive

Cover K - Black & White Con Exclusive
(B&W of Cover A)

1L - IDW Con Exclusive Wrap Around (SDCC)

1M - IDW Con Exclusive Wrap Around (NYCC)

1N - Hot Topic Exclusive

1O - Dynamic Forces Negative Cover 

1P - Legacy Edition

1Q - Legacy Edition Photo Variant

1R - Legacy Edition Jetpack Exclusive

2nd and 3rd Printings
They have the same cover, which is a reverse of Cover B.

True Blood, Issue 2 does not have as many variants or exclusives as  Issue 1. There are 2 regular covers and 6 variant/incentive/exclusive covers. There is also a 2nd printing of Issue 2.

Cover A

Cover B

Cover C - Sketch Incentive Cover

Cover D - Photo Incentive Cover

Cover E - Jetpack Exclusive

 Cover F- Hastings Exclusive

Cover G - Dynamic Forces Exclusive

Cover H - Hot Topic Exclusive

2nd Printing
It's a reverse of Cover B

True Blood, Issue 3 has 2 regular covers and 7 variant/incentive/exclusive covers. There is also a 2nd printing of Issue 3. The additional exclusive was given to retailers at New York Comic Con.

Cover A

Cover B

Cover C - Sketch Incentive

Cover D - Photo Incentive

Cover E - Jetpack Exclusive

Cover F - Hastings Exclusive

Cover G - NYCC Retailer Comic

Cover H - Dynamic Forces Exclusive
This cover is on order. 

Cover I - Hot Topic Exclusive

2nd Printing
It's a reverse of Cover A.

As far as I know these are all the covers for True Blood, Series 1, Issues 1 - 3. If you know of any others, let me know in the comments. On Saturday, I'll continue this post with True Blood, Series 1, Issues 3 - 6 including exclusives from Australia and the one exclusive that I can't find.  


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