Sunday, December 20, 2009

The First BIG Storm of the Season - for DC

It snowed last night into this morning. We got about 10 inches of very powdery snow. It's not the best snow for building snowmen or making snowballs, but it is easy to shovel!  One of the local stations names the big snow storms. This year they are being named after famous scientists. So without further ado, the photos of the snow from Winter Storm Albert:

Still snowing early this morning

One of our intrepid plows

The front yard

My large perennial garden

Cone flowers wearing winter white hats

A little panorama looking up and down my street
(click on it to see it larger)

The small humans

So that's it for Albert. Next up is Barbara which will be named for Barbara McClintock who won a Nobel Prize in 1983 for her work in the field of genetics.

Qwill's Qwestion: Did you get snow from Albert? or What is your weather like?


  1. It's finally sunny in Texas and it's 52 degrees.

  2. We got some snow here in Indiana, not nearly what you did but more than enough, thank you very much. I think it's from the same system but the tail end that wasn't as powerful. Personally, I'm ready to move South!


  3. I want to go home!!!!!!!

    Thank you, these were lovely :)

    DC :)

  4. Qwill,

    This makes me SOOO happy I live in FL where there is no snow! It's beautiful though. Do you guys make snow-cream? I remember making that when I was a kid and it snowed.


  5. These photos were terrific, Qwill!

    And it's currently an arctic 53 here. ;)

  6. Wonderful pictures! Love the cone flower picture. We got a little snow Friday night, not more than an inch or two.


  7. No snow here in GA... although tonight it is cold enough (29) but supposed to be 51 tomorrow

  8. Just gorgeous, Qwill! I hope the kids are enjoying the snow as well. And um, erm, well... if I'd gotten snow from Albert, that'd have to have been one heck of a storm! LOL

  9. Once again Qwill, great pictures!!! We got just barely a dusting, it was amazing, my son in Boston got about 17 inches, first time we got nothing and he got dumped on!!!