Monday, March 02, 2009

Only 18 days until Spring!

The Vernal Equinox, which heralds that start of Spring in the Northern Hemisphere, is on March 20, 2009 at 7:44 AM EDT. Obviously the weather has no clue that Spring is only 18 days away. We've had a major snow storm. Blizzard-like conditions are predicted for this afternoon as heavy snow once again overspreads Connecticut. I expected this storm, but expected it later in the month. This is New England. We always get a big March storm. It's our weather equivalent of March Madness. I present the photographic evidence:

That's my big perennial garden buried under the snow. I was going to start initial Spring preparations this week.

Looking towards the driveway. It looks like everything is coated in icing.

Towards the road. There really is a road out there.

Really.... there is a road out there somewhere!

My gazing ball is wearing a puffy winter hat.

A halloween decoration that I leave up all year.

Again towards that road. That's my mailbox.

Peeking out from the front of the house.

The top of the hedge is covered beautifully. The hedge is about 25 feet high.

The view towards my big garden...again.

A rhododendron.

I think that the photos speak for themselves. It's just started snowing hard again so I may have more photos later.

Qwill's Qwestion: What's your weather like today?


  1. Well Quill, it's still snowing here too!! I haven't ventured out just yet though I have a doctors appointment at 3:30 so it should be fun. I'm sure we are close a foot already, and the snow isn't slowing down. The joy of New England. Keep warm and dry.


  2. Hi, Lynda. I hope that it's safe for you to drive later. We're getting a second hit as I write. I'm not surprised this happened... I started working on the gardens this past week. My bad!

  3. Holy freaking guacamole, Qwill! It's beautiful but um BRRRR (says the desert rat)!!! It's GORGEOUS here right now, 60º with a high of 72º and a chance of rain. :) I feel for you all who are getting pounded with snow again. But then, there's a reason why I live where I do!

  4. Wow, beautiful pics, as usual! Thanks for sharing. I love snow, as long as I'm not in or affected by it.
    Our weather is overcast, off and on rainy, going to get up to around 60 today.

  5. Um ... I live in Texas now and snow is against the law. Apparently. It's chilly, but sunny out. Birds are chirping. Spring is ... er, springing.

  6. Hi, Crazy_Lady! It's a cool 19F at the moment! I actually like the snow... as long as I don't have to deal with the folks who do not know how to drive in it!

  7. Hi, Leslie. We'll have warm weather eventually. It is pretty. I'll go out later and wander about with the camera.

  8. Love all the pics, must say Im happy I don't live in snow anymore lol.

    Started out cold 38 this am, going up to 65 and will be going up to 80s in the next few days. Got to love Houston TX lol.

  9. LOL, Michele. Spring will spring here eventually. Before the snow buried them I saw the daffodils starting to come up!

  10. Hi, Rottie_mom. I don't really mind the snow. It's beautiful. I don't have to shovel the drive, but I'm wondering why the plow guy only plowed half the driveay. I'm hoping he's waiting until the storm is over to come back and finish!

  11. The Southern California day started out bright and sunny, but clouded over later in the afternoon. We hit 90.5F.
    *Ducks the snowball barrage*

  12. Hey, bookdragon3! LOL I would never throw snowballs at you! Well, maybe one or two. :) I can't even imagine weather that hot. Even in summertime that's really high for us!

  13. I need to move where CrazyLady lives.... To think, I actually complain about St. Louis weather! Holy cow!

  14. Thanks for stopping by, Dae. I'm happy to share the snow. :)